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Ilary Blasi is a model and showgirl from Italy. She was born on 28 April 1981 in Rome, Italy. She is also famous as the ex-wife of Francesco Totti. Her zodiac (birth) sign is Taurus. Blasi represents Italian ethnicity. She follows the Christian religion. Her husband Francesco Totti is a retired Italian professional football player. Her age Is 41 years. Ilary is not just a model – but the world does know her as the better half of a legend of AS Roma who can’t be replaced by the city of Rome forever. Hence, being his wife, Ilary does become the second most respected person in Rome. It is indeed not a normal thing to do.

Being a hardcore AS Roma fan, Ilary does get the support of every Rome fan that they can do anything for her. This is a football part of her life. Other than that, she is a responsible mother and a true professional who does take care of her career very well. In her life, she does want to spread the art of positive nature which does seem the fact how creative she is and how it does help her very much to keep on growing in life, which does sum her up very well. Despite being a WAG, she keeps working, which shows how great of a professional Ilary is.

Ilary Blasi Early life and Bio

Roberto and Daniela Blasi are Ilary Blasi’s parents. The Blasi family lived and raised their kids in Europe. Daniela chose the name of her daughter Ilary. Her mother was a fan of Hollywood movies. Thus, she named her daughter Ilary. Melory Blasi and Silvia Blasi are Ilary’s beautiful sisters. Both of them look as stunning as her beautiful and famous sister Ilary.

Ilary Blasi

Ilary Blasi Personal Life

Ilary Blasi is a mother of 3 and a wife of a retired professional football player. Hence, most of her time goes to keeping her kids ready for all the daily tasks. She feels that it is crucial for a female to look after her kids so they can become good humans first and then the rest of the things would follow. Hence, it is the core reason behind Ilary giving a lot of time to her kids despite being a model and actress who do get work and keeps on working.

Ilary does also like to spend time with her friends. A friend of hers did say that she likes to gossip a lot. This does show another side of Ilary and how she sees this life. Other than that, she is a huge fan of having a mega collection of luxury bags too, which is normal when one lives a rich life in Italy.

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How Tall is Ilary Blasi? Height & Weight

Ilary Blasi’s height is five feet and six inches tall. She weighs around 55 kg (121.25 lbs). Her body measurements are 33-26-36 inches. Ilary’s bra size is 32B. Ilary Blasi has beautiful hazel eyes and classical blond hair. Ilary’s feet (shoe) size is 7 (US), and their dress size is 4 (US). She has put tattoos on her body. Her arm tattoo is quite famous in Italy and Europe.

Despite being an old-school lady, she has done cosmetic surgeries. Even WAGs are not models, they do like to do cosmetic surgeries for looking better as it does help them feel well. Ilary does wake up at 5 am and goes for a jog. It is a part of her life that she is following for the last 30 years.

“For me, fitness means a lot. I do not over eat and does not have any motivation to do so as it does set good examples for others to follow also,” said Ilary .

Ilary Blasi’s Parents, Siblings, Relatives, and Family

Ilary Blasi feels blessed to have Daniela Blasi as her mother and Roberto Blasi as her father. Her mother was named Daniela to honor one of the best actresses in Italy.

It was her mother that did push her lovely child to show business and it has worked very well for her. Blasi feels great to grow up with two sisters Melory and Silvia. Three of them do share a special bond that makes them keep on going and do well for the family. Now Ilary feels happiest to have two sisters as they did help her a lot when she parted ways with her husband back in 2022.

Ilary Blasi

“For me my father, mother and sisters are the word. They are the reason behind my fame and the love I got while growing up and hence, I do feel proud to be a part of Blasi family from the very core of my heart.

Ilary Blasi Personal Life

On 19 June 2005, Ilary Blasi married Francesco Totti. On 6 November 2005, the pair welcomed their first child. It was a baby boy. His name is Cristian Totti. On 13 May 2007, the pair welcomed their first child. Her name is Chanel Totti. Nine years later, on 10 March 2016, Isabel Totti joined her two beautiful siblings. A beautiful family of five is enjoying a fantastic and beautiful life together in Rome, Italy. The Totti family only supports AS Roma. Members of the Totti family can’t support the local rivals, Lazio. It shows the love for football they have in their roots. Totti is a proper gentleman and takes care of his family very well. In Rome, many people respect the Totti family from the bottom of their hearts. Despite she had parted ways with her family she does have a huge space to run her family.

Ilary Blasi Education

Ilary Blasi did get an education from Rome, Italy. She did go to Marymount International School Rome, where her beloved subject was history. Other than that studies did not fancy her from the core. Hence, it did make Ilary someone who would take part in extracurricular activities more. And the move did work very for her as she created an empire, that one can feel proud of.

“I was not the beloved student of my teachers academically as I always looked to do something creative in my life and hence, it has helped me to become who I am.

“I think my family has played the biggest role in promoting a good life for me where I had a chance to do what I want. This is what makes my family special as they did not say to work hard on studies only, which is the best part other parents can also learn,” Totti’s ex-wife told.

Ilary Blasi Professional carrier

Her neighbor told her mother that a brand is looking for a blond girl with hazel eyes for an advertisement for Panettone Galbusera. Ilary gave the audition. It was her very first job. She did this advertisement at the age of 3. Two years later, she made her cinema debut in the movie David & David. The movie was directed by Giorgio Capitani. The next year, she worked in another movie Da grande. Franco Amurri was the director. Not just at a very young age, Ilary maintained her status at the highest level as a teenager and mature woman.

Ilary Blasi

She has worked in top Italian movies, advertisements, and television shows. In 2007, she modeled for eyewear of Vogue. It made her value even better in Europe and North America. In 2010, her jewelry shoots also created good sums. Many Italian girls, who want to become famous models, see Ilary Blasi as a great inspiration to follow. Ilary Blasi has done a lot of hard work to reach this level. Indeed, a perfect idol to follow for many girls around the world.

Ilary Blasi does work in the modeling and film industry. She has done a huge amount of work in the advertising side of the field also. One did also see her in AS Roma adverts too as he is an icon’s wife for the club, so these things do follow in a creative manner. She has done work in over five movies, with her last movie being The Simpsons, where she did play the role of Tabitha Vixx. She has done a total of five movies making her debut in 1987 for Da grande.

Despite parting ways with the Italian football legend in 2022, she is famous and loved by AS Roma fans.

Ilary Blasi Movies & TV Show

Ilary Blasi has made a great career in a great impact in her career. She has worked in the films like Da grande, Il vizio di vivere, The Sweet House of Horrors, Fiori di zucca, and The Simpsons.

She is famous for hosting and making apparencies in Miss Italia, The Alphabet Game, Top of the Pops, Che tempo che fa, Sanremo Music Festival 2006, Le Iene, Zelig, Grande Fratello VIP, Summer Festival, Eurogames and L’Isola dei Famosi.

Other than that she has a long history in the advertisement field, where she does see major outcomes for future growth coming too after these long years.

She was a popular name before marrying her famous now ex-husband in 2005 as he did start her career at a young age. However, it was Totti who made her famous around the world in the very best way. Hence, it has pushed her career.

Ilary Blasi’s Ex-Husband Francesco Totti

Ilary Blasi Ex-Husband Francesco Totti is the legend of AS Roma. Totti played for AS Roma from 1992 to 2017, appearing 619 times in Serie A. Francesco Totti represented Italy 58 times, scoring nine goals and helping his beloved nation to win the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The AS Roma fans love Francesco Totti, who is one of the biggest examples of loyalty in football. Francesco Totti was awarded the Player’s Career Award and the UEFA President’s Award in 2017 for his amazing services to AS Roma and the Italian national football team. It’s to find many better players than Totti. However, the pair do not live together since the summer of 2022.

Ilary Blasi

Ilary Blasi’s Boyfriend, Affairs

Ilary Blasi did have 5 boyfriends before she meet Totti but none of them was famous. She did marry Francesco Totti for her, the mega football star was boyfriend and husband. It felt that things did go very well in their lives. They even looked happy with the kids, living in the city of Rome where the family was treated as if they are the kings and queens of the city. It did make the bond between the pair better. However, things did change and then they parted ways on 11 July 2022, which was shocking news for every football in the country as they had never seen such a thing coming into their beloved football legend’s life

“I and Francesco had a very good time as a pair where we did live for 17 good years. However, we felt that it was right to for us to move on and start a new life,” said Totti’s ex-wife.

Ilary Blasi Husband

Ilary Blasi does not have a husband now and even she is not in a relationship. Her life is just three kids she has with whom, one can see Ilary living the best life possible. She does have a good bond with her ex-husband Francesco Totti Ufficiale OMRI too. The 2022 summer was the one when the pair did officially get separated. For three kids, it was a very bad moment in life. Hence, it does show how hard was this decision for the family.

Everything did go well until 2017. Things started to change after that and that did kill good vibes in the family. There was no abuse happened with Ilary as her former husband is a true gentleman on and off the pitch.

It is mean that she is single again in life, with major plans of taking care of the family she has and seeing the mega growth of her kids.

Ilary Blasi House & Lifestyle

Ilary Blasi does like to live the life of a queen. She does like expensive wines and great food in her life other than best-in-class home interiors. Ilary does like sports cars and has two other than 3 normal luxury cars. Her beloved car brand is Mercedes and she does like Shalimar Eau de Parfum Guerlain for women’s perfume the most. Many times, she does like to carry this fragrance as she feels that it makes her feel at the top of the world.

She likes to go to the beaches and try the best bikinis, which one can see from her Instagram handle. She does also like to take those pictures in luxury cars also. Ilary is a dog lover and feels close to them. She does not miss any chance of visiting a new place and learning about the culture from the core, which is a too crucial subject in her life.

Ilary Blasi On Social Media

Ilary Blasi has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram and more than 9,000 followers on Twitter. She is also active on Facebook with millions of followers. Ilary Blasi uses her social media account to share her beloved work and personal life with her fans on social media. Ilary Blasi knows the value of social media. Thus, she uses it very well.

Ilary Blasi’s Net Worth

Ilary Blasi net worth is $37 million (US dollars) at the moment. She has earned most of her money from her film, television, and modeling projects. Ilary is rich and has everything to live a perfect life with her family. Her husband’s net worth is $107.6 million (US dollars) at present.

She does like to spend money on her looks and helping those who need the help by doing charity. When she was there with her former husband, she did work very hard to push him to do more charity work and help many people in Italy and around the world. It has done a great job in Italy as they do see charity as the best way to move forward. It is what tells a lot about Ilary and the impact they do want to make for moving ahead.

“For me helping others is a blessing that Jesus has bestowed upon me, said by her.

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