How Women Can Style Shorts for an Elegant Fall Look

If you have always put your shorts away in storage at the first sign of a leaf hitting the ground, you may be missing out on some chic fall ensembles. There are several ways to wear shorts in autumn while looking positively lovely. Remembering some tips can help ladies style the shorts with elegance in mind. 

Avoid faded or distressed pieces 

There is nothing wrong with wearing certain faded or distressed pieces, but if you are interested in a more refined look, it may be better to forgo clothing that does not look new or fully intact. According to Sanctuary, this applies to whether the clothing is intentionally or unintentionally distressed or faded.

For example, instead of distressed denim shorts, consider chic khaki chino shorts for women, and rather than a faded T-shirt that you have had for years, opt for a structured button-up or a blouse with bell sleeves. 

Wear simple jewellery 

Using simple jewellery to exhibit understated elegance can be a wonderful thing. Even though many pieces are not large, bold, or immediately attention-grabbing does not mean they will not have a significant impact on the overall look of your ensemble. 

There are many options to consider, but if you are just figuring out where to start with picking out new pieces of jewellery, you cannot go wrong with gold. It is an ideal hue for fall, goes with a significant amount of autumn fashions, and adds an instant dose of style. 

Whether you want to wear rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or watches, you have a wide selection from which to choose. Narrow down your options by starting with what you are most comfortable wearing. Let’s say you are not the biggest fan of wearing anklets, dangling earrings, or necklaces, but love studs, bracelets, rings, and watches. You already have a good starting point for which simple gold jewellery would be perfect for adding to your autumn wardrobe. 

Use a quality handbag

A handbag may just seem like another accessory, but it can play a role in how elegant your fall ensemble comes across. Choose one that has a structured design, complements most of the shorts in your collection, and is in a hue that fits well into the season. When it comes to autumn, a black, brown, or beige structured flap bag or a satchel can fit many items while providing ample style. 

Evaluate clothing before putting it on 

Chances are at some point you have left the house in a rush only to later notice that something was wrong with your clothing that you did not notice until later on. Maybe you had dog fur all over the back of your black shorts, your sweater had pilling all over, or the hem fell on one leg of your pants. Although many encounter these issues, they will cause the clothing to look less than elegant.

Before you put your clothes on, give them a quick look over to ensure there is nothing wrong that you could either quickly fix (such as removing pet fur) or that will require a later adjustment (like pilling). 

Wear a suit

Many are familiar with pantsuits, but did you know there are short suits? Short suits are fabulous to wear in fall, including in fall, and are often designed with style and elegance in mind. 

The sets typically consist of structured shorts and a matching blazer, both composed of the same material and in the same colour. All you will need to do is pick the perfect footwear and a top to wear under the blazer. One of the best aspects of purchasing this type of set is that you can wear the pieces together, but also individually, essentially offering three outfit possibilities.

Wear chic elegant hues

Any colour has the possibility of looking elegant, but certain hues tend to top the list when it comes to favourites, especially to wear during autumn. For example, white, beige, cream, brown, and black are must-haves if you are looking to build a collection of sophisticated fall staples. Check out pieces in these shades first when you are looking for items to pair with your shorts.

Choose the right footwear 

Your entire outfit can be on point, but that will not do much good if the footwear is a dirty mess. Any shoes you wear will not look elegant if they are dirty, ripped, or have holes. 

When you want elegant footwear, aim for options like loafers, heels, and ballet flats. There are many options with and without embellishments and with varying heel heights, so you could easily find selections that would look fantastic with shorts yet are still appropriate for the fall season. 

Opt for high-end fabric 

If your clothing looks like it is made of cheap fabric, it is not going to help you achieve an elegant fall appearance. Even if your shorts are gorgeous and have a luxurious look, the top needs to be just as stylish. Choose shorts and a top made of high-end fabric like mohair, chiffon, velvet, or suede. You can also do a mix of fabrics, such as wearing a mohair sweater with linen shorts. 

Wear clothing that fits well 

You may fall in love with certain pieces of clothing that would be perfect for fall, but if they are not your size, it is best to pass on them. Choose pieces that fit you well. They are not too baggy or too tight, fit you as intended, and look absolutely gorgeous. Do not hesitate to get them tailored to encourage an even better fit. 

When you are looking for shorts and other pieces to put together an elegant fall look, keep the long-term in mind. Buy items that you can continue to wear throughout the rest of the year, such as shorts in spring and summer and sweaters in the colder months, so you can also fill in other areas of your wardrobe where you want a little extra boost of elegance. Remember to plan accordingly, and you will soon have chic autumn ensembles that help you turn heads wherever you go.

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