How To Win Games With 3-5-2 Meta Formation In EA FC 24? – Best Tactics, Player Instruction & Profiles

Four-Defender systems are probably the most extensive and popular formations ever released in EA Sports FC 24. However, we’ve constructed an extremely powerful 3-5-2 tactic that might tempt you out of Four-Defender’s comfort zone.


The 3-5-2 formation has been the most popular Three-Defender formation over the years. It offers incredible versatility. Because it can easily integrate into Five-Defender formation under sustained pressure.

And it offers similar flexibility in attack, with up to five players deployed up front at times. Of course, if you have enough FC 24 coins budget, you’d better choose to buy FC 24 players with better overall statistics to get the best synergy.

This formation is suitable for a variety of different play styles, depending on the tactics deployed. The five-man midfield provides a solid foundation for controlling possession, while the wide midfielders can extend attacks and create counterattack opportunities.

In addition to choosing a formation, it is equally important to apply a series of tactics and instructions to improve the quality of formations in the game. Here we will provide you with unique tactics regarding 3-5-2 formation.

We believe these tactics can help you get FC Champions rank or help you win in Division Rivals this year. However, if you don’t like online gaming, our strategy still works in Career Mode.

Best Tactics

Here’s our take on the best 3-5-2 tactics in FC 24.


Starting with the defensive aspect of customizing the tactics, we chose a balanced style. This means our players will maintain their natural position when losing possession and press the ball into the middle of the pitch.

It’s worth noting that width is a key part of 3-5-2 formation. We’ll adjust the width to 60 here because we need to buy FC 24 players to control the wings. The two central defensive midfielders and three central defenders do not require any additional support. The wide midfielders will be free to track wide runs and initiate counter-attacks down the wings.

Regarding defensive depth, we chose 71. Three-Defender and Five-Defender formations tend to focus on defense. However, these customized strategies will keep you on top.



In terms of offensive tactics, the form of build-up we adopted is also balanced. This will allow our players to choose the best moment to make a run when the ball has not yet fully entered the final third. Because unnecessary attacking movement can undermine our defensive cover and numerical advantage in midfield.

However, Direct Passing tactic means that once the ball enters the offensive zone, our strikers need to run behind the opposition defense. Therefore, we need to upgrade it with a large amount of FC 24 coins in advance.

The width setting for this tactic is consistent across defensive and offensive tactics, both at 60. This will allow us to play quite widely without leaving a lot of open space in the central area.

We chose four players to rush into the box at the same time. This should allow a wide midfielder to always prioritize providing cover against counter attacks.

Set Pieces Controls Setup is not an important part of building a 3-5-2 strategy. We’ve chosen a player in the box to deal with these situations to help us plan the course for Corners and Free Kicks. However, this can also be adjusted to your liking.

EA FC 24 THE 3-5-2 Formation

Player Instructions

Player instructions are another important component of 3-5-2 tactic. They can completely change the structure of your team and ultimately determine the success or failure of this tactical system.

Starting with the man between the sticks, the goalkeeper can keep the default instructions or tweak them slightly. For example, Sweeper-keeper role may be conducive to an aggressive attacking style. So just choose FC 24 player that suits you best here.

On the other hand, central defenders will not be affected. The default order will ensure that they are always present at the heart of the defence, and do not make any excessive forward runs.

Player instruction to the central defensive midfielders is the first important tactic. They both need to stay behind and cover the center forward when attacking, as well as provide constant support for the three-man defense in midfield.

With two wide midfielders, one player is told to stay wide and track back. They will provide stable options on the flanks during the build-up phase and help form a makeshift back four when possession is lost.

The BEST META 3-5-2 Custom Tactics & Player Instructions in FIFA 23 (Overpowered)

The wide midfielder on the other side will play a completely different role. In this tactic, we ask them to cut inside. They will mainly serve as an offensive player, helping to suppress the opponent’s box.

However, the two wide midfielders are easily interchangeable. You can have your right-winger play a more attacking role and vice versa. This does not compromise the effectiveness of the strategy.

Finally, the player instructions for strikers are the same in 3-5-2 scheme. They just need to keep stretching the back line and taking chances in front of the goal.

Here we outline a range of custom tactics, along with player instructions, that can be used to make the most of 3-5-2 formation in FC 24 Ultimate Team. However, if you want to really progress in the game this year, it’s also important to buy FC 24 coins to buy a range of meta players that fit this formation.

Meta Player

No matter which formation you use in FC 24, it is important to use meta players. However, here we will describe a range of ideal players to play a role in a 3-5-2 formation.

Starting with goalkeeper, any highly rated choice should suffice. All goalies are prone to making mistakes from time to time, but high-rated cards should limit this as much as possible.

For central defenders, it is important to find players with impressive speed, physical fitness, and defensive ability. Someone ideally suited the likes of Virgil van Dijk and Vincent Kompany to occupy central roles in the back three.

For wide central defenders, speed is of the essence. And players like Eder Militao and Fikayo Tomori would be perfect.

However, for defenders operating on the more aggressive wide midfielder side, it helps to have a player who can play centrally or fullback. This way, they can easily cover a wide defensive area when necessary. People like David Alaba and Jules Kounde are perfect choices for such roles.

Another midfield pivot calls for a more agile and technically gifted player who can help drive play when needed. And Aitana Bonmati fits this role very well.

The BEST 352 Custom Tactics in FC 24!

For wide midfielders, players with stronger defensive abilities need to have stronger comprehensive attributes and higher defensive statistics. The likes of Marcos Llorente and Jeremie Frimpong are examples of players who can effectively fill this role.

However, the offensive wide midfielder should possess a variety of top technical attributes, as well as relatively high speed numbers. Brazilians Neymar Jr and Vinícius Jr will be incredibly wide playmakers at this position.

A similar configuration is required for the two center forwards in a 3-5-2 tactic. In addition to strong finishing ability, speed and physical fitness are also crucial. Erling Haaland, Victor Osimhen and Icon Fernando Torres would be the real top options for these first-line roles.

We’re here to provide you with tactics, player instruction and player selection to succeed with 3-5-2 tactic in FC 24. If your style is solid defense and quick offense, this might be the perfect formation for you. Come and try it now!

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