How to Transform Your Look for Winters in 10 Easy Steps?

When it comes to dressing in winters, our number one priority should be to keep ourselves warm. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with winter fashion.

Although most of us dread the onset of flaky skin and excessive hair static, a few handy tips could keep them in control. No one can look their best when they are cold and miserable. However, a couple of warm accessories can bring comfort and tweak your style with a fantastic pop of colors.

Check out these fashion ideas to slay while staying toasty during the chilled weather.

Choose attire that complements your body shape

This is probably all-rounder fashion advice.

Your clothes should flatter your body shape. For example, if you are broad and heavy at the top, an A-line skirt will balance your bottom with your top. But if you are short, you should buy short coats to make you look tall and leggy.

On the other hand, if you are taller than the average height, go for long coats that make you look less lofty. And an attractive business coat should be your pick when you are thin at the top and have a wider bottom.

So, take your time and choose winter garments to accentuate your body. The overall shape, cut, shoulders, color, and length will decide if apparel is right for you.

It’s time to wear toned shades

Generally, the bold and tinted colors are more appropriate for the summer. Meanwhile, the toned and muted go well in the chilly season.

There is no rigid rule of not sporting the bold colors in winter, but don’t go overboard. You have to keep them to a minimum by matching them with the reserved pieces. Of course, a leather jacket looks best in dark tones. You can balance the whole style by pairing it with neutral shades of beige and browns.

Try to frame your face

Static, messy hair and red ears are not a good look. The face is practically the only visible part of our body in the winter, so frame it up. Hats that add volume will make you look slimmer. If the head looks small, the body also appears thinner.

We highly recommend a big woolly hat that frames your face or a fabulous Russian hat. Fur, in itself, is always glamorous, whether it is worn as a hat, collar, earmuffs, or a scarf.

Make sure you match the accessories when sporting a hat. A light-colored hat and scarf will look good with a dark coat. It enhances your face and eyes, making you look slimmer.

Get the layering game right

The thick and heavy clothes will keep you warm. However, when you enter an air-conditioned room, you might be over-clothed among the crowd. Wearing several layers of clothes is the solution to this problem. It will also help you to match it with your outfit.

Try a turtleneck under your jacket. Or you can also wear a t-shirt underneath some graphic hoodies.  It will keep you warm and make you look fabulous at the same time. When doing so, learn how to create a sustainable wardrobe. This will keep you from investing too much in winter clothing.

Consider a statement jacket

If you plan to wear the same leather jacket every day, it should be something that makes you feel good. Instead of the same old nude tones, you might as well go for a classy wool coat or a puffy down jacket in bold colors. Or, a leather jacket with a hoodie can also step up your style game.

Take your time and pick a jacket that aligns with your personality. If you need to cover the clothes, make sure you opt for a jacket with full sleeves, deep armholes, and a big swing.

Choose the right footwear

The weather and comfort level is the most significant factors when choosing boots for winter. You have to figure out if you need them to be waterproof, warm, or both.

You can wear tights under the trousers, top them with warm socks, and insert comfy insoles into the boots for an additional level of warmth. Make sure that you opt for a style that matches your vibe. For example, you may be a heel freak, but you can’t walk with them in snowy weather.

Also, suede and leather boots require some waterproofing to look incredible in the snowy season.

Treat gloves, hats, and scarves as necessities

If you wear the same coat or jacket every day, you can spice things up with accessories. Keep a good collection of hats, scarves, and gloves to bring your neutral outfit to life. Choosing wool instead of leather will get you a higher level of warmth.

A colorful beanie, for example, could be a good purchase. It adds a pop of color to the dreary winter look. You can also add a hat to maintain warmth across your body.

Clean your sweaters

There is a fine line between feeling chic in a cozy sweater and feeling disheveled. When your sweater feels too fuzzy, it can level down your confidence when you sit beside a well-dressed person.

Look for the loose threads in the sweater. Use a tweezer to pull them out. This can help to bring your old sweater back to its good grace.

Wrap a belted coat around you

A belt in the coat will not make you feel warm. But it is a way to enhance the look of a rusty, everyday jacket. On those long snowy days when you choose to wear your long coat, put a belt around your waist and see how it brings life to the plain attire.

Your friends might end up complimenting you, unaware that they have seen you in the same coat before.

Parting Notes

Winters are the best time to flaunt the style pieces in your wardrobe. All it asks for is a little creativity blended with a keen urge to play it the right way.

Let us know how you plan to dress and impress this winter!

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