How to Take Good Care of Your Golf Equipment

As an avid golfer, you know that your equipment is always to blame when you have a bad game, and it’s never down to your skill if you have a bad day on the course. That’s why you need your gear to be in the best shape and condition possible, to give yourself the best chance of success.

Storing Your Equipment

Your golf equipment is going to spend most of its life waiting for you to take it out onto the golf course, and that means proper storage of your equipment is a big part of caring for it. This means, for starters, that you make sure you store all your equipment somewhere safe and secure to prevent theft. Golf clubs in particular are expensive and portable, so you don’t want them to be stolen.

You should also try and keep it away from damp and dusty conditions like in a garage and store it somewhere more hospitable. More importantly, you want to avoid leaving your golf bag in your car because of the heat that the interior of a car experiences will quickly affect the longevity of your equipment.

Caring for Your Clubs

Your clubs are the most essential part of your game and therefore should get special attention. Wash them thoroughly – grip, shaft, and head – after each game using warm soapy water and give them a once over with a non-metal brush on the clubface to remove all the mud and dirt from the grooves. Once they’re clean and dry, use club covers when you’re not using them to protect them from scratches during storage and transportation.

Golf Cart Care

It might be the most expensive part of your golf equipment, and thus should be given extra care and attention. This means ensuring you give attention to the critical parts of the golf cart and don’t let general maintenance go by the wayside. Check your battery water and clean the connections on the battery occasionally to keep them in tip-top shape. While a golf cart maintenance routine is a lot more than just tires, inflate the tires when the air pressure drops. Lastly, check and maintain the brakes and keep an eye out for any oil leaks or patches of oil where your golf cart is usually parked.

Have More Than One Pair of Gloves

You’ll want to give your gloves a chance to be properly washed before you wear them again, and the easiest way to do this is to have a few pairs. They’re inexpensive and letting them be cleaned properly before wearing them again will extend their life considerably.

After each game, wash the gloves you wore in cold water and then lay them out to dry for a few hours. You’ll want to make sure you don’t let them go unworn for too long though, as the longer they sit without being used, the more chance they have of hardening or even shrinking.

You’ve Got Balls

Before you store your balls, you need to clean them. This is as simple as dunking them in a bucket of warm (not hot) soapy water and giving them a clean with a non-metal brush or even a soft toothbrush. Get all the dirt, grime, and mud off the balls, give them a wipe with a towel and then let them air dry before you store them for your next game.

Keep your equipment well maintained and looked after and it’ll last you many years of days out on the course as you pursue the perfect game. Just remember – don’t blame yourself, always blame the golf clubs.

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