How to Shoot Effective and Captivating Videos For Instagram

Amongst the most efficient Instagram marketing tactics is to create captivating Instagram videos. Instagram videos can range in length from 3 to 60 seconds and can be posted straight from your phone or by uploading files from other sources to your phone. This provides plenty of options for how you may use video content in your Instagram marketing plan and for Instagram views promotion.

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It’s likely that you’re already using Instagram to promote your business. You’re also probably doing so mostly through the platform’s most interesting content format, and pictures. However, while photographs are fantastic for showcasing your brand, don’t overlook the power of video content. A well-thought-out Instagram video marketing approach can help you boost your reach and engagement.

Are you unsure how to create an effective Instagram video strategy for your company? Go on to read this post to know more about creating effective and captivating videos.

  1. Make Sure Your Video Has A Clear Purpose

Although it may appear that we are beginning with the obvious, many stunning pieces of moving picture material fail because they lack a clear goal. Understand that your Instagram video, like any effective digital content marketing piece, should have a clear goal. While this is an important element, not all videos need to have a powerful, profound goal. After all, your company may not be releasing a new product or making huge news releases on a weekly basis.

Try to come up with ways that motion picture content might be used to enhance or emphasize whatever the goal is, and if your ideas start to get confusing, think about making separate short videos that each cover a separate goal to get more video views for Instagram.

  1. Convey A Story

Create a video that conveys a story if you want to draw attention to your video. You don’t have to construct a storyboard, but you should plan out your film to get the most of each second. Organize your story into three parts – start, middle, and end—and determine how long each portion should take to best manage your time.

Instagram videos start playing automatically as viewers go through their feeds, so start with something interesting for increased IG views. This is a great way to start your film because it will help it pop out and entice people into seeing your entire story. Lastly,  ask your viewers to take some form of action to interact with your content or company.

  1. Proper Lighting for your Video

To make your subject seem beautiful on television, you don’t require a professional lighting setup. There are some fundamental principles you can follow to improve the quality of your video. These techniques are incredibly beneficial for “talking head” or portrait-style videos, where a single individual talks directly to the camera from a single position.

Look for natural light: Do you have large windows at your place? Turn the light in front of you and flash towards you by standing near these natural sources of light.

Overhead Lighting: The use of overhead lighting can produce several unappealing aesthetic effects. Look for various sources of light and assist your subject is moving around until you locate a favorable light.

Use your imagination: Create improved lighting settings if your existing lighting arrangement isn’t doing your subject any favors. Use paper as a reflector to reduce the light. You can also save money by blocking out undesirable light sources using black plastic. 

  1. Shooting your video

The first step in filming your video is to decide which camera to use. Because Instagram’s camera sets some limitations on your shooting capabilities, we recommend utilizing your phone’s camera or a DSLR camera instead. It’s time to start shooting now that you’ve chosen your equipment. Here are some pointers to help you get started with your Instagram videos. 

  • Keep the focus of the image on your topic by clicking on the section of the screen you wish to be in focus on.  Click on your subject’s face, for example, to stay focused on her face.
  • You should avoid unsteady shots unless you’re making a horrible horror movie. Place your elbows on a smooth surface or kneel down and rest them on your knees to keep your hands steady. Use a tripod when you’re using a DSLR camera.
  • Because your Instagram video can only be one minute long, you’ll have to be picky about the photos you include in your narrative. Analyze the new popularity of workplace culture posts, and capture amusing and authentic videos on business outings and activities.
  1. Get an On-The-Go Studio

Self-shooting footage can be intimidating, but with a simple set-up, you can capture fantastic footage of live events, your brand’s internal workings, and other unique possibilities. You can also use your phone as a video camera which is always in your pocket to record Instagram-worthy footage.

If you find yourself shooting a lot of footage on your cellphone, a modest kit with transportable pocket-sized lights and a simple tripod is worth adding to your daily kit. Look for devices that can be readily recharged and are light enough to bring about with you everywhere you go.

  1. Keet It Snappy

While Instagram allows you to share up to 60 seconds of video in a single video post, it’s essential to keep videos concise and to emphasize one point. Regardless of the duration of your film, the necessity of conveying a single, strong message remains the same. You can also buy views for your Instagram content to attract more audiences.

  1. Keep It Topical

Any good video artist, like all good Instagram content marketers, must keep a watch on upcoming calendars for days that can be used as content possibilities. You should also keep a watch on current events and pop culture; chances to make a quick, relevant film can arise at any time, and with topical images and hashtagging, your business could be exposed to a whole new audience.


So, those were the seven tips we feel will help you make your next Instagram video a smash and improve your social media profile. You can make a fantastic Instagram video without spending loads of money or time on it. Make sure to edit your films as well, in order to make them appear more professional and appealing. You can also buy Instagram views to make your content look more appealing to organic viewers.

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