How to set up an eCommerce store on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the fastest-growing messaging platform in the world, with more than 1 billion active users. What you may not know, however, is that WhatsApp claims that 200 million of its users are active every day and 55 billion messages are sent daily, making it the world’s most popular instant messaging service. With this level of popularity, there’s no doubt that WhatsApp will continue to thrive for the foreseeable future and beyond, making it an excellent platform on which to set up your eCommerce store. Here’s how to set up an eCommerce store on WhatsApp.

Why businesses need to set up an eCommerce store on WhatsApp

Even though we’re seeing more and more people using social networks, like Instagram and Facebook, every day. There are still a lot of users that prefer using WhatsApp for their communication needs. This is because it offers them privacy and simplicity in a way that other platforms can’t match. So if you’re looking for the best platform for your business, then you might want to consider setting up your own eCommerce store on this messaging app too. The good news is that setting up such a shop isn’t very complicated at all – it just requires some planning and patience.

Ways to Setup E-commerce Store with Whatsapp

There are generally 2 ways that help to set up an eCommerce store with WhatsApp. 

1 By using WhatsApp Ecommerce Bot

Setting up an eCommerce store on WhatsApp is actually pretty simple, and you don’t need any programming skills or a website. All you need is the WhatsApp Ecommerce Bot by signing up with WhatsApp API. The Bot works with any business that has products for sale, and it’s free. You can add products with pictures, descriptions and prices in seconds – it doesn’t get any easier than this!

2 By using WhatsApp Business APP

By using WhatsApp Business App you can set up your e-commerce store on WhatsApp in just a simple step 

Step 1. Enter the name of your product, description, and price in the top fields 

Step 2. Select I’m not a merchant 

Step 3 Choose which product category your product belongs to 

Step 4. Enter a color for your product icon and upload an image for it (optional) 

Step 5. Add any other information you want about your products in the text field below

How does the Whatsapp Ecommece store help to improve your sales?

Facebook Click-to-WhatsApp Ads

Facebook Click-to-WhatsApp ads are a highly targeted way for businesses to reach out to customers and offer them their products, services, or promotions. Using WhatsApp gives your Facebook traffic a platform to convert to. This offers an easier opportunity to move to a one-on-one form of communication.   To advertise on Facebook’s new messenger app, all you need is a business account with the company.

24/7 customer service

If you’re considering setting up an eCommerce store on Whatsapp, you should know that there are several benefits to this type of setup. One is that it allows for 24/7 customer service through chatbots. Chatbots can answer general questions about products or help customers find the product they’re looking for. This 24/7 customer service will be a huge boon for your business and should lead to increased sales!

Provide order updates and tracking 

Providing order updates and tracking via WhatsApp is a great way for customers to know where their package is, when it will be delivered, and what condition it’s in. With the app’s newest update, customers can even request delivery notifications. This notifies you that they’re expecting a delivery so that you can call them or send them another text message if they don’t answer the first time.

Post-Purchase Customer Experience

After having a sale, customer experience plays a very important role in buying again. You can do this by

  1. Send a message to the customer thanking them for their purchase. 
  2. Create an offer and send them a message with it, as well as a discount code if they want one. 
  3. Create an incentive for customers who share the post about the sale on social media by offering them a free product or service with their next purchase.


In conclusion, Setting up an eCommerce store on WhatsApp is pretty simple, and it can be very affordable. WhatsApp can also be used to set up an e-commerce store and start selling your products right away, without any IT expertise or web development skills! Follow these steps to get started with your own WhatsApp-based e-commerce store in less than 10 minutes.

 If you’re looking for a new way to make money, this may be the answer for you!

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