How to Properly Teach Staff

New employees of the company are the same as children. They need to be explained the structure and principles of interaction in the organization, conduct initial training, instill basic skills necessary for work.

For effective training, three key factors must be mastered:

  • New knowledge and skills require a footing, so a solid foundation must be laid first.
  • When passing on information, some facts are lost, some are distorted. You will have to repeat several times, for better consolidation.
  • Failures are the main enemy of all learners. They frustrate people and make learning difficult. It is necessary to reassure them and tell them that everything will be fine.

With these points in mind, you can do initial training better than most managers today.

Lack of foundation and what it leads to

A child is very inquisitive, he is interested in everything, in the process of exploring the world he has a variety of questions, and it is quite natural. But the trouble is that to answer a child’s question, it is quite problematic. After all, in answering one question, we give rise to many others. And all this is because of a lack of fundamental knowledge. A simple example: a little boy points his finger to the sky and asks his mother, “What is that bright there?”, “It’s the Sun! – answers his mother. “And what is the Sun?” the boy asks again. “It’s a star,” “What’s a star?”, all the mom ducks and doesn’t know how to get out of it.

The same goes for the manager training a new employee. If you start pelting the newcomer with complex terms and constructs, it will only generate more misunderstanding. Therefore, it is extremely important to begin training at the stage where the new employee is. Apply terminology and subjects that he or she understands, using professional help.

About the inevitable distortions of information

Kids often play a wonderful game called deaf phone. Someone comes up with a word and whispers it to the second, the latter to the third, etc. Until the last person in the chain, in 99% of cases, it is not what was asked, and it is always funny.

This may be a young person’s first encounter with the phenomenon of distortion of information in communications.

So the customer or manager issuing the job has in his head an image of how the result should look like. Beginning to describe this image, he unwittingly distorts it, because words cannot convey 100% of a person’s perception. The doer, in this case, a new employee, hears this description and perceives it in his own way, because no two perceptions are the same. So in the output, we get at least double distortion and not the desired result. The question arises, what to do?

Rejoice, rejoice that some result has been received at least, and then again to repeat the task, and so it will not turn out what was necessary. After a certain number of such iterations, communication will become much better. But it is impossible to get rid of distortion of information at all.

Employee care

If a child cannot put the third cube, on top of the folded two, he will try diligently to do it, as long as he does not lose heart, with another unsuccessful attempt. He will get upset, cry and probably permanently remove the cubes from the list of his favorite toys. Although they seem to be okay.

New employees can have bouts of self-doubt. “It’s not mine!”, “I’ll never make it!” to continue the list of these phrases is endless. Such a person needs to be comforted, even if it is a lie, about future successes. It is vital to hear that this time he did much more and better than the last. An employee who has lost faith in his abilities is no longer an employee.

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