How To Properly Take Care of Your Pet Goldfish

There are many people who get fish as pets, thinking that this is one of the easiest pets to maintain. Although this is somewhat true, it does not mean that you can simply ignore the needs of your fish and have them sit in the aquarium all day. There are a few things that you will need to do to make sure they are healthy and happy.

This article will advise you on how to properly take care of your pet goldfish so that they live as long as possible. 

Choose The Appropriate Aquarium

Before you buy a goldfish, you need to make sure that you buy an appropriate aquarium for your goldfish. When you go into a pet store, you may learn that there is a wide range of aquariums that you can choose from. Different sizes hold different amounts of water and have unique features. If you feel confused or overwhelmed about making this decision, you can ask the professionals for recommendations. Goldfish are some of the easiest fish to look after, but they still require an appropriate environment so that they live as long as possible. 

Consider The Room Temperature

Not many people consider the temperature whenever they have fish, but it is a vital factor to think about if you want them to live a comfortable, healthy and long life. The right temperature for goldfish is highly debated, as they can indeed as the temperature they can live at ranges significantly. However, just because they can endure any level of temperature and survive at colder temperatures, it does not mean that you should not be cautious about this. Make sure to get informed about this topic and get a thermometer so that you can check that the water is good enough for your pets. 

Maintain The Water

People often get fish as pets because they think it is easy to take care of. However, there are a few requirements when it comes to having fish. They live in water and it can get dirty very quickly. You will need to maintain the cleanliness of the water so that your pets remain healthy. Changing the water regularly is a must. You can obtain a filter, which will help maintain the water clean, but you will still need to replace the water once a week. 

Keep it Clean

Fish need to be kept clean as well as any other pet. You may see that with time, the aquarium may start to show some accumulated dirt and algae as well as any items you may have inside. Make sure to remove all of these and clean everything appropriately. A dirty aquarium can result in the fish becoming sick and even dying prematurely. There is no timescale as to when it is appropriate to clean the aquarium as this will depend on how many fish you have, how big the aquarium is and whether or not you have a filter – as soon as you start to see dirt build-up, clean it. 

Feed The Fish

This is an obvious tip but looking after your fish requires you to feed them. You will need to be careful here, as fish can eat literally until they die, so you must be cautious not to overfeed them. Goldfish do not need to eat very often – once a day is sufficient. You can buy the appropriate food at a pet store. You will have a range of different options to get, and they may not all be appropriate for the fish that you have so been sure to ask staff in-store. You can also ask a vet if you want to learn more from a reliable source. 

Keep Your Fish Safe

What happens in the room where you keep the fish will also have an impact on them. There are certain things you will need to avoid. Spraying insect repellants or any other strong chemicals, for example, can poison your goldfish. In addition to this, be sure not to use any metal in your aquarium and do not decorate it with items that you find at the beach, as these can carry bacteria causing diseases to your fish. If you have any children, advise them to not tap on the glass as this causes stress to the fish. Just because they do not look distressed, does not mean that nothing will affect them. 

Know-How to Spot Ailments

There are a number of ailments that can affect your fish – fungus, constipation, and anchor worm are a few examples of what your fish can suffer from. It can be difficult to know when your pets are suffering from a health condition so make sure that you contact a vet if you believe that there may be something wrong with them. If you know your fish well enough, you should be able to recognize when a behavior is not normal. 

If you have fish or are thinking about having them as pets, make sure to look after them effectively. Follow the tips discussed on this page to properly take care of your pet goldfish. 

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