How to Promote your Company with Custom Stickers

Marketing and brand promotion are important strategies to keep your company relevant and profitable in today’s competitive market. While there are many innovative marketing techniques emerging, sometimes the simple tactics are the most effective. 

Custom stickers can be a versatile and fun way of promoting your business. Check out these high quality custom stickers for ideas to promote your company. Sticker marketing has been around for a long time and has been used successfully in countless electoral and advertising campaigns. Stickers are well worth considering as a marketing tool and have several benefits which are listed below:

  • You can be really creative with your stickers and use your own design to create a sticker.
  • Alternatively sticker templates make it really easy to customize your stickers.
  • Low cost. They are inexpensive but can be very impactful.
  • Stickers are versatile.They can be placed on any surface and potentially reach a great range of consumers Transparent stickers.
  • Stickers placed on cars are a great way to get your company noticed, especially in traffic. They go even further on buses and trains.
  • Stickers are eye-catching and carry little messages or colors which people remember.
  • People don’t perceive stickers as advertisements. They’ll read and remember a sticker without even realizing they’re doing it!
  • You can use print or digital stickers.

What are the best ways of using stickers to promote your business?

It couldn’t be simpler to create a custom sticker today though it’s worthwhile spending a little time designing your sticker to maximize its impact. Read the tips below to help you get started on an effective sticker marketing campaign.


  • Keep it fun. An amusing sticker might make someone’s day and they will remember it. Beautiful stickers are memorable too.
  • Include free stickers with products when you send them. Hand them out at trade fairs and exhibitions. People love freebies and they might stick them somewhere visible.
  • Use them on packaging and parcels and on any printed correspondence. You might use your brand logo or a link to your website on your sticker.
  • Add digital stickers to online invoices or quotations. Better still, add them to your company social media pages. Organizing sticker hunts and competitions can send your sticker viral!
  • Put company details on your stickers.
  • Use both sides of your stickers.
  • Create useful stickers that people can use as labels
  • Put a QR code on the sticker that people can scan for discounts or promotional offers.
  • Stick them somewhere unexpected to really get a reaction.

Sticker marketing is a fantastic way of getting attention for your business and can be a great way of getting customer loyalty too.

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