How to Prepare a House for Rent: Tips You Need to Know

When you prepare a house for rent, you need to ensure that it will attract the right tenants. Part of preparing it is to showcase your property in such a way that they see it as the best option for them. If your home is competing with another one in the same area, it has to be in good shape and look well cared for, or it could be passed over. The following tips will help you to prepare your rental property so you can attract premium tenants Window Cleaning Near Me

Thoroughly inspect the property

When you inspect the property, you need to look out for any faults, including:

  • Leaky taps or leaky roofs 
  • Sagging or clogged gutters 
  • Burnt out light bulbs 
  • Driveway cracks
  • Broken electrical outlets
  • Soundness of floorboards
  • Smoke detectors that aren’t working
  • Plumbing that’s unfit for use

No one wants to rent a house that’s obviously uncared for and in need of repairs. If you sign a management agreement with Evernest, APM or Mynd property management solutions in Colorado Springs, a property manager will complete a walkthrough inspection of your home. An initial inspection report will be sent to you detailing if the home is rent-ready or if some work still needs to be done. 

The report will point out what must be done relating to the health and safety of tenants or fixing something that isn’t working properly. The report may also recommend certain repairs that could help to rent your home faster or for more money. For new clients, Evernest offers a one-time 21-day Lease Guarantee. It will rent your home within 21 days or your first two months of management are free. 

Clean, clean and clean some more

Put yourself in the shoes of future tenants when cleaning the property and try to see it through their eyes. Areas you need to really focus on when cleaning are the bathrooms, kitchen, blinds, windows and floors. Mold in the bathroom and kitchen counters and appliances coated in grease will be a real turnoff for prospective tenants.  Consider hiring professionals specializing in mold remediation Denver services to deep clean your home to get rid of mold.

Small touches can make a big impression

Make sure the garden is neat, tidy and free of clutter. Lawns will also need to be mowed, and adding some flowers on a porch is a nice touch. Touching walls up with paint is a fairly inexpensive way to instantly make your property seem brighter and fresher. If you decide to paint walls, choose neutral colors rather than bright colors. Tenants should be able to imagine what their belongings are going to look like in the house, and neutral walls help. 

Consider upgrading fittings and appliances

Modern fittings and appliances can really add value to a house, and you can rent for more. Kitchens are often what make home-hunters make a decision one way or another. Contemporary cabinets and surfaces in the kitchen could be a worthwhile investment. 

You may regard replacing old appliances as an unnecessary expense. However, old appliances can really cost you if they require frequent repairs. When considering new appliances, think about who your future tenants will be. Families will place importance on time-saving appliances such as dishwashers. If you want to rent to students, they are less likely to be interested in high-end fittings or appliances, which push up the rent. 

Notify mortgage and insurance companies

Mortgage and insurance companies need to know that you want to rent out the property because your policy requirements may change. You may need to meet specific mortgage requirements as a landlord. 

You will need to change your homeowner’s insurance property to a landlord property insurance policy. This will cover any losses you may incur due to the negligence of a tenant, such as fire or water damage. Some even cover natural disasters. 

Consider the market value

Once your home is ready to rent, you need to figure out your monthly costs and compare your property with similar properties in the area. This will help you to determine your list price. The value of your property will determine how much rent you can receive. A good-condition home that’s priced correctly within the market will rent quicker. It may be worthwhile having professional photographs taken. High-quality images can make it stand out from all the others. 

Screen possible tenants

You will want to find reliable tenants who are gainfully employed and have a history of paying on time. It is important to run a tenant background check and look for red flags, such as inability to confirm employment, a poor credit score, no references or a criminal record. Once you’ve chosen a tenant, you will need to set up a lease agreement so that you have everything in writing. 

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