How to Pair Food and Drinks Together

Pairing the right dish with the right drink can bring out entirely new flavors and create an even more incredible dining experience. Food and drinks are not separate things to consume, but companions that should be paired with thought.

And you don’t have to be a wine expert to choose the right one for your meal. No matter what you eat, these tips will help you choose the perfect drink in no time.

Food Type, Booze Type

A great tip if you’re just beginning and want to keep things simple with your parings is to match the food with the types of drink. Are you eating Italian food? Try a nice Italian wine.

A margarita is perfect with Mexican food. Eating German cuisine calls for a pint, and you would want your sake with anything other than some excellent Japanese dishes.

With food and alcohol, it can be best to keep them together, as those pairings exist for a reason. And once you know more about different types of alcohol and can distinguish fine wines, you can get more technical with your pairings.

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Heavy Dessert, Light Wine

When people talk about food and beverages that go well, they are often referencing wine pairings. The right wine can be a perfect addition to a meal and enhance the flavors. If you’re treating yourself to some wine and dessert, this is a great pairing that can go very wrong.

Desserts are already sweet on their own, so don’t pair your cake with a wine that will match it in sweetness. Try for something lighter and fruity, like a cab sauv. And check out Kings Of Wine for more excellent wine tips and improve your overall knowledge.

Red on Red

If you’ve planned a deluxe meal with a piece of red meat as the centerpiece, choose a red wine to compliment it. Bold flavors go well together, so a bold piece of red meat works with a bold red like a merlot. Consider red wines when you’re eating beef, lamb, or ham.

Beer Period

Beer is a great option when you want to contrast or enhance flavors as well. With beer, like with wine, there are many different kinds so try a few in different combinations to see what works. You can even pair beer with dessert if you get the right one.

Cocktail Combo

If you’re planning an event with several different alcoholic beverages including cocktails, you want to pair the food well. Don’t pair it with the base alcohol, but make sure the flavors of the food work with the mixers being used.

Pairing Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are meant to go together hand in hand and not experienced only on their own. Choosing the right drink can feel a little like rocket science if your arent well versed in wines and other beverages.

But if you follow these basic tips, you’ll find your footing easily. If this helped you feel more confident in your next food and beverage painting, keep reading for more useful tips.

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