How To Know if an Online Casino Is Legitimate?

In this day and age, traditional casinos generally can be trusted. Gone are the days when gambling establishments were dark pits full of smoke, backdoor illegal deals, and shady characters looking to ruin your day.

Because gambling grew into a global phenomenon and public awareness rose to an all-time high, casino establishments had to adapt. Nowadays, these gambling dens tend to be as legitimate as possible, with the only factors working against the players being bad luck and inability to restrain themselves.

The situation is quite different with the online casinos. Although there are numerous verified and reliable online gambling sites, scammers are not unheard of. As the cost of entering this industry is much lower than in the case of its traditional counterpart, the possibility of being preyed on rises exponentially.

Fortunately, there are several traits every legitimate online casino should have, such as favorable reviews online, a safe registration process, an elaborate live customer support system, usage of RNG software, and a certification by third-party regulatory authorities. Read on and understand the differences between real businesses and predatory schemes.

Search for Favorable Reviews Online

You would be surprised by the number of people who gamble without doing any research beforehand. In fact, many of them continue to gamble despite being fully aware they will likely lose everything. If you are one of the few who know better, you should thoroughly check out the casino before registering and depositing a single cent.

Reading online reviews is a good start. Check if the site has a history of cheating its users. Does it have a large customer base? Are there any issues in the withdrawal process? Does it provide 24/7 customer support? Does it offer a wide range of games? If most reviewers say the casino is legit, you can safely move forward with registration.

In addition, you can also visit online casinos review sites such as A2Z Casinos or alike that provide all the essential information in one place, from the games variety available at a particular casino to its current bonuses and promotions. Moreover, some of these platforms can also offer you the option to compare different casinos to find the best one for your needs.

Safe Registration Process

There is little point in checking if an online casino is legit if you do not feel safe while browsing its website. First off, there should be no pop-ups or other intrusive ads trying to lure you into clicking on them. The website should also be free of malware and other viruses — never forget that cybercriminals are constantly searching for ways to steal your money and personal data.

As for the registration process itself, it should be as simple as possible. An elaborate signup form with lots of questions is not what you should expect. The procedure should involve entering minimal information, such as your email address (or even your username), real name, and preferred currency. The rest can be filled in later, if at all.

Live Customer Support System

When signing up for an online casino, you are not just registering an account with a random website. You are entering into a business transaction with an established company that is bound to provide you with excellent customer support. A live customer support system is expected in this case.

Beware of casinos that only offer an email address in case something goes wrong. If no one monitors its website 24/7, there is no one to resolve your issue in the shortest possible time frame. Furthermore, email communication often takes days due to time differences around the world. This is why live chat systems are mandatory for online casinos that want to be seen as both legitimate and reliable.

Look for the chat icon on the lower part of the screen during your initial visit to the website. Click on it and ask all kinds of questions. Do not be afraid to criticize the site for not offering enough information about specific games or asking too many questions during registration. Take note of how fast these agents respond to your inquiries and how friendly they are in their approach to solving your issue. Your safety matters more than anything else!

Usage of RNG Software

Random Number Generators are responsible for generating the random numbers used in every game of chance played online. They are also responsible for ensuring that every wager placed by players has equal chances of winning or losing.

All reputable online casinos use RNG software to generate random numbers for their games. It means that whenever you roll the dice or draw the cards, the outcome has nothing to do with elaborate schemes but only with luck.

Certification by Third-Party Regulatory Authorities

You already know how important it is to check if an online casino is legit. But what about checking if the casino is regulated? Well, you should do that as well! The most important thing here is to look for a certification issued by a reputable regulatory authority.

The most common certification is eCOGRA. It stands for eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. This regulatory authority checks and approves all major and reputable online casinos. It also ensures the casinos follow the rules and deliver the best possible gambling experience to their customers.

If your casino of choice has an eCOGRA certification, you can be confident it is one of the top online gambling sites in the world. Furthermore, you can feel safe playing there.


There are many ways for an online casino to trick you into thinking it’s a legitimate business. The most important thing is to check if the site is certified by a reputable regulatory authority. Next, look at the length and format of the registration form and consider how safe it feels to browse through the website. Finally, look for a live customer support system and read online reviews to see what other gamblers think about this particular online casino.

If everything we’ve discussed here checks out in your case, you’ve likely found a reliable gambling destination. All that is left is to enjoy the time you spend there and have fun playing the games they offer. Good luck!

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