How to increase brand awareness with the help of TikTok marketing

Tiktok emerged as a social media platform where people could post short videos, but today it has become a platform where everyone has a voice. It is no longer a small platform where people can show off their talent. It has become something that can make people famous as well as spread awareness.

Even big brands have set their eyes on TikTok and have understood the exposure the site can give them. A few industries have not dipped their feet into the sea of followers they can get from the Platform. The following are some tips that will help you make a great profile for your brand or company that can help you build a following.

Establish a TikTok presence ASAP

According to the latest TikTok marketing reports, the first thing you should do is to make your presence known on the platform. Do not wait until your brand has some identity in the market before jumping on the TikTok bandwagon. Jump on the wagon from the get-go. If you do not, then you’ll be missing out on the jackpot of customers who are on Tiktok. The latest  Tik Tok marketing report suggests that nearly 50% of well-known and up-and-coming brands do not have a presence on the platform. This is a golden opportunity that they are missing out on.

Follow the trend

Tiktok is all about trends, and the latest marketing reports suggest that those who follow the current trend end up with significantly more TikTok views and followers than those who do not. Do not be the latter. See what’s fresh and happening in the sea of TikTok trends and begin to follow them. Use the most popular songs that are trending and keep in mind the hashtags. TikTok marketing reports show a significant increase in views when popular hashtags are used. Trends change every week and sometimes every day. The Tiktok algorithm keeps track of videos with a certain pattern, hashtag, or music clips. If you want to get on the trending page and have more people watch your video, you need to jump on the trending bandwagon.

Keep the videos short and to the point

When making videos[1]  for TikTok, remember that it is a video-sharing platform so make sure the videos you upload are simple yet to the point. This will help increase the viewership your video gets. Once you get trending, keep the same format. Keep a good pace with your videos and make sure the viewer has enough time to see and understand your video. If it is too fast, they may not understand what is being shown or miss the point of the video. Keep a steady pace in your video, which will ensure that people easily understand your video.

Use the proper music

Keep an ear out for the popular music trending on TikTok. All it takes is the right music to elevate a normal video into something that will get viewership. Keep in mind that you should use the right music and use the ones that are trending. This will help TikTok algorithm[2]. This will get your video on the trending page that will help promote your brand. A word of advice is to use much more upbeat music to give an upbeat look to your video. TikTok marketing reports have shown that videos with positive, upbeat music have had a higher engagement than others.

Post 3 times a day

It doesn’t matter how popular you are on TikTok. You should promote your brand as much as possible. It is known that the brands that post 3 times a day. This keeps you on the trending page and helps you build a better engagement with your followers. There is something as over posting as well as under posting. When you over post videos every day, the platform’s algorithm will understand that you are spamming the feed of everyone who is on the platform and will automatically reduce traffic to your videos. When you post 3 times a day, this is said to be the best number of posts per user. The more you post, the better interaction you will have with your audience. This will also help you fade into obscurity, thanks to the algorithm.

Which brands have a better performance on TikTok

According to TikTok marketing reports, the top brands that have the most viewership on TikTok are as follows:

Tech: Tech is one genre with the most viewership on TikTok, according to the latest TikTok marketing report. This is mostly because people love watching Tech videos. Mobile and PC/laptop companies love making videos about their upcoming products that spark interest in people. TikTok marketing reports have indicated that these videos have boosted sales of multiple companies.

Food: Food is something that can be made to look great in TikTok videos. They are easy to make, and people are known to love watching them. There are multiple restaurants with TikTok pages dedicated to showing their food and their upcoming menus. This helps get the word out about the restaurant as well as helps bring in new customers. These are known to build a better reputation among the customers and make them stand out from the competition.

Games: Games, be it console, PC, or mobile, are very popular on TikTok. Latest TikTok marketing reports show that people love watching game videos that showcase the new games and features. These help customers know about upcoming games as well as build anticipation. This tactic is also known to bring in new customers and build a reputation among the other competitors.


TikTok is a great platform that opens your doors to millions of users every day. A simple yet to the point video is more than enough to get easy promotion for your brand or product. All you need to do is keep in mind simple tips that will help you build a great profile and amass a huge following of loyal fans. To create a professional-looking video that engages and enthralls your target audience visit InVideo today.

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