How to grow your business using social media and user reviews

Like any other well-done campaign, the promotion of business on social networks begins with a detailed analysis of the main directions of the following:

1.  Gender, age, hobbies, social status, and other characteristics of potential buyers are essential;

2. It is necessary to consider what exactly satisfies the needs, who consumes it, etc.

3. Investigate the strengths and weaknesses of the company, opportunities, and threats, the situation with competitors;

4. It is essential whether the company currently presents itself on social networks, its reputation on the Internet is important, as well as the presence of a website;

5. In the analysis phase, you need to pinpoint the goals of a particular promotional campaign.

All existing social networks differ in interface, functionality, and characteristics of establishing internal dialogue and characteristics of the target audience. Therefore, the choice is made, considering the aspects of potential customers for each specific business.

A great example of this is the AskGamblers website, which uses this type of analysis to select the right marketing tools to promote their business on social media to ensure maximum campaign effectiveness.


This network is especially popular with people after studies and middle age engaged in information technology, marketing, business, etc. Many Facebook posts are about education, travel, new developments, technology, business, personal development, etc., many of which are long-lasting. Most Internet users enter websites via mobile phones, which should be considered when designing a publication (for example, using a compact image).


This network is a popular photo hosting. It is recommended to use one recognizable style in the design of all published content. Images must be appealing to get the desired idea, which often requires processing in photo editors rather than just using standard filters.


Short posts are practiced on the Internet. Most users are people between 20 and 40, often involved in work or other areas that provide maximum concentration. Twitter is very suitable for promoting brands and corporate websites, the latest achievements, technology, etc.

Although it seems easy, promotion on social networks is flooded with the following problematic issues:

The need to pay constant attention to filling in the pages (after all, publications must be regular), analyzing statistics, etc.

The need to know the specifics of working with social networks, navigating through modern advertising technologies, and following the innovations introduced on time also takes time.

Therefore, it is better to entrust social networks to specialists who are professionally engaged in this field. They take on the fulfillment of everything necessary: ​​from analyzing the target audience and setting goals to regularly updating publications and monitoring the effectiveness of the promotion.

How can the promotion of goods and services on the Internet help?

The most effective development method is extensive advertising campaigns on social networks, widespread goods, and services within such a promotion strategy. It is not even that important to intentionally promote your account or community of interest – Internet users who follow advertising links can then go directly to the official website and make a purchase there or request the necessary information.

Modifying the position of a brand, a particular product, or service will be the next goal of the promotion. This is a crucial step in promoting your business on social media. The best option is to create a dedicated page for the whole community and increase subscribers (members).

The promotion of business on social networks is a complex phenomenon. It is not enough to appear on the Internet; you also need to gain a foothold in this market. It is necessary to strengthen customer loyalty to the company. This is the most challenging task that requires systematic and carefully planned activities. Here you will need well-designed orders (communities), regular publication of fresh news, timely response to complaints and questions from community members, the possibility of optimal resolution of acute situations. Of course, this activity requires a particular competent employee in the company. The promotion of business on social networks will mostly be in his hands.

Why are reviews so important?

Reviews can be a deciding factor in helping a potential customer chooses between your company and the competition. In addition, reviews are necessary signals for ranking and one of the most important ways you can build trust in your company.

When people search for Google using keywords, they will often see reviews in search results and map results and search results. If a potential customer clicks on the pin on the map, you can give him basic information about your company: business hours, contact information, and business address.

Customer reviews are important if you want to expand your business.

Reviews directly affect:

  1. How your job ranks in search engine results:

 Reviews are favored by Google in search results and are listed as invalid results – so if you’re looking for a good ranking on Google, ask for more reviews.

2) The decision of a potential client to look for products or services of your company:

When a potential customer is in the process of reading reviews, they will usually decide that your business can potentially meet the needs they have, whether it’s the product you’re selling or the service you provide. The ultimate goal is to contact you, and reviews can strongly impact this decision.

Reviews build trust and act as an essential personal recommendation.  Reviews can potentially lead to your business is trusted and reputable.

We all seek unbiased recommendations from friends and family when looking for a product or service. Feedback from former and current clients of the company may be the next best thing. This is why more people than ever search for reviews before contacting a company.

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