How to Determine What Packaging to Use for Your Product?

Recently many new types of e-commerce businesses have opened online stores to sell their products on the internet. With each business selling significantly different types of products, it becomes hard to find a packaging type that is the best for your business to invest in. You could always compare your business with others on the online market and see what they’re using, but the comparison is not always helpful because there could be differences in the product that the competitor is using, or perhaps their budget is vastly different.

Packaging is an essential part of your product, and without it, you can’t expect your product to succeed in this competitive market. So, in this article, we will describe a few of the packaging solutions commonly used by e-commerce businesses and online vendors. This way, you can find one that suits your business the best out of the others.

Mailer Boxes

Mailer box is a wide term used to define foldable boxes made from corrugated paperboard or cardboard material. These fine pieces of packaging boxes can be assembled without the need for glue or tape. They are designed to be put together without any adhesives with their interlocking flaps. They are durable yet extremely light in meaning. They don’t add much to your product’s overall weight while being sturdy enough to keep your product safe inside.

Versatility is the biggest positive aspect of the mailer box. There are so many things you can pack inside a mailer box. Since the mailer is made from foldable paper material, it is extremely flexible in its use and can be manufactured into a multitude of shapes and sizes. Allowing for many different products to be packaged inside it. Be it books, electronic parts, candles, stationery, collectibles, documents and records, beauty products, and the list keeps going on. 

You even have the option to get eco-friendly mailers designed specifically for e-commerce brands that sell all-natural products. The paper material also allows for a ton of customization and design options. You can print anything you desire on the covers of the box to make your product look special and marketable to your target demographic. Speaking of customization, it also allows you to add custom inserts inside the box. The mailer box gives the user much-needed creative freedom that you will not find in other packaging boxes.

The conclusion is that if you want to make a safe bet, choose the mailer box. They fulfill their purpose and go beyond it while also being somewhat affordable. 

Windowed Boxes

These cardboard boxes are made with a cutout to display the product inside. Sometimes they are even referred to as display boxes. A see-through sheet is placed in the cutout to keep the inside visible while protecting it from pollutants in the air. This is the perfect sort of box for bakery items such as cakes and pastries. It’s a stylistic choice of whether you want to use your packaging to represent your product or if you want the product to be the main attraction even while it’s inside the packaging. 

This type of display box is also often seen in toy sections to package figurines and collectibles. Many people buy these sorts of figurines and keep them enclosed in the display box when decorating their shelves and desks with it.

If you don’t want your product to be completely hidden behind a cardboard wall, then this is the packaging you need. You can also get this sort of packaging for false eyelashes. These boxes will be perfect for you, online wholesale lash vendors to showcase the true beauty of your cosmetic products.

Apparel Boxes

These are cardboard boxes that are given a slender design to accommodate clothing items. As the name itself suggests, these are best for apparel products. They are manufactured to fit your apparel products, leaving very little space inside. 

Usually, if you use any other type of box for clothes, you would have a lot of extra space left on the inside that goes to waste. Since the apparel boxes are thin and lightweight, they will decrease your overall shipping charges.

Rigid Boxes

As the name implies, these boxes are hard and rigid, unlike the flexible mailer box. This is because rigid boxes are made out of chipboard material. The chipboard is lined up into the shape of a box, and then a paper sheet is used to layer the chipboard to make it look presentable. The rigid box is the sturdiest type of packaging you can find in the market. 

Don’t worry about your product getting damaged if you use this to package it. Besides having a strong structure, the rigid box looks the best out of the others. Thanks to its fine edges, the rigid box is considered premium packaging that gives an overall sleek look. 

The box cover allows for graphic designing and printing options while also providing the option to add custom inserts. If you need the most premium option out there, the rigid box is the way to go.

Where To Buy Your Packaging?

After this extensive discussion over packaging options, you might have finally concluded what you want to use for your products. But you’re still wondering where you should place an order for packaging material. Well, look no further because The Legacy Printing is the only place where you’ll find quality and variety in one place. The company prides itself in providing packaging solutions for any business that comes to them.

With affordable rates and a free shipping policy all over the US, it’s made possible for any online vendor to get a decent quote for packaging orders with minimal costs. But that’s not it, they even provide free design support. The design support team is there to help you figure out what packaging best fits your brand and products. So, if you’re still confused about what packaging you should use, their support team will suggest a suitable solution to resolve your packaging problem. They are best known for their helpful custom design support and their extensive line of premium boxes. 

A variety of other types are all available on their website. Bakery boxes, pharmaceutical boxes, gift packaging, subscription boxes, and even eyelash extension boxes to name a few. Speaking of eyelash boxes, they are also considered one of the best eyelash box manufacturers in the USA.

Regardless of what options you decide on, packaging will always remain one of the essential parts of a product. If you want your product and business to succeed in the online market, it would be best for you to invest in good packaging from this company.

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