How to Deal With a Back Pain Claim After a Car Accident

Invisible injuries like back discomfort are prevalent after car accidents. There are many injuries that go unnoticed until they are too late. The suffering doesn’t become apparent until the days after the event. Victims may have said or done things that damage their personal injury claims by this point. Read more to equip yourself with the right legal knowledge!


Pain in the lower back is extremely common.

Millions of people having low back discomfort is nothing to be surprised about. The low back bears disproportionate weight, making it a prime target for injury. In compiling data for this essay, we came across some rather depressing numbers.


Here are some stats from the NIH and CDC about back pain:


  • Twenty percent of those who experience acute back pain will develop chronic back pain.
  • Back pain ranks #5 on the list of reasons people see a doctor in the United States.
  • As much as 40% of all work absences can be attributed to back pain.
  • Disabling back pain is the most common reason people can’t work.


Sports injuries, bad posture, cancer, and infections are possible reasons for chronic back pain.


Reasons Why Your Auto Accident Settlement For Low Back Pain May Go Up


Your claim’s worth is proportional to the costs of treating your injuries and the disruption it has caused in your day-to-day life. In other words, your claim will be worth more money the worse off you are.


We have already mentioned that settlements for low back pain are typically modest. However, some things can make your settlement worth more money. Again, this might prove that your medical bills were high or support your emotional distress claim.


For example:


  • Leaving the scene of the collision in an ambulance.
  • Treatment at a hospital or emergency room
  • Scans and MRIs, and other comparable diagnostic procedures
  • Procedures like spinal fusion surgery (spondylosis)
  • Injections of steroids into facet joints or the spinal column
  • Extraordinary Medical Procedures
  • Your car was severely damaged.
  • Not being able to go back to work

It’s also important to note that even if the law says you’re entitled to a larger settlement, that doesn’t guarantee you actually will. What matters most is the insurance coverage of the person who hit you. Your personal insurance policy may also be relevant if you have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. An experienced lawyer who focuses on car accidents can explain your legal choices.


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