How to Craft Enticing Emails for Different Campaigns?

Email workflows include a proper sequence of emails that are directed to prospects and leads. Sometimes, they are scheduled automatically after fulfilling some conditions such as buying a product or after downloading a whitepaper.

These email workflows are part of email campaigns set up with the help of new marketing automation platforms. After the prospect fulfils the required conditions, these automated email campaigns fire away and then play an essential role in nurturing potential leads. Every prospect is a part of the ‘Customer Decision Journey’ or purchasing funnel.

It is highly recommended to marketers to avoid spamming their inbox with irrelevant information; it is recommended to keep the best email subject lines  that entice readers and potential leads. Proper subject lines reveal valuable information to your potential leads with chutzpah!

Some companies create email workflows that ensure re-engagement of inactive leads. Such leads are the ones who are yet to visit your website or those who haven’t filled their shopping cart.

What are some of the practical tips to craft unique and distinctive emails?

Compelling emails play a unique role in determining the success of automated email campaigns. However, sending customized emails to all leads is pretty challenging, so it’s essential to draft an email with a common aim and target market.

While drafting emails, keep a vision that every email workflow is a unique, engaging story. Each email should reveal helpful information to targeted leads. Ensure that your emails should consist of a logical flow keeping in mind the overall journey of the prospect.

Since each lead enter numerous workflows, avoid using repetitive content in your emails. Here are some of the practical tips:

Keep an informative subject line

Your prospect first notices the subject line, so it’s crucial to capture their attention with a helpful one and an enticing one. Subject lines should be short, crisp and descriptive. Avoid assuring readers of anything you cannot commit in reality; otherwise, your email could be directed to the spam folder or unsubscribe list.

Avoid using ‘’

Such an email address sets an impression of a robot and nullifies personalization that your email intends to execute. Instead, use a real name that could lead customers to believe that the sender on the other end of the line is a real person. They are more likely to interact with humans than a bot.

Personalize your email with necessary information

This information varies depending on the name of the lead, the receiver of your email, the product purchased, or the downloaded ebook.

Keep your email short and direct 

Prepare the draft of your email from the perspective of your leads, the information they are willing to know, and the updates which would benefit them. Identify the customer journey of your lead and include every information, which would benefit them.

Avoid clutter

Customer reference numbers and long order numbers might be significant, but they should not be included either in the main body or the email’s subject line. Instead, include such details but keep them in the middle or side of the main text. This factor would eliminate the chances of readers getting distracted while going through your email.

Keep all the adverbs and adjectives to a minimum

The importance of the email is generally decided by its subject line and the first few lines of the email. Readers consider these factors to determine the usefulness of an email. Choose simple and lucid language and avoid tricky vocabulary. The entire email should have a thorough and consistent tone from top to bottom.

End strong

One of the top aims of every email is to captivate readers’ attention for a long time. So, include a worthy statistic, an inspiring story element, or an interesting titbit of the product journey in your email. Use a proper CTA to guide your leads in their customer journey further. Send an official invite for product demonstration to keep their attention locked on to the email.


The above tips have been proven effective in the past. However, use them after proper assessment, and introduce changes depending on a particular audience. As mentioned earlier, keep track of your email marketing metrics to be aware of the overall reaction of subscribers to your campaigns and their interest points.

One of the common aims of every email marketing agency is to ensure consistency considering the stagnant nature of their email marketing campaigns. If you notice a downfall in your click-through rates, try to switch your tactics and identify points of less impact.

Introduce new changes in email sequences that you’re sending to all your potential leads in a particular week. Try to adopt a new approach in your email content and subject lines every time you feel that they are predictable or not getting traction!

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