How to Book a Storage Unit Online at Big Storage, Cape Town?

What are the Steps to Book a Storage Unit Online?

Despite some self-storage companies charging thousands of rands for booking a single storage unit, Big Storage keeps its prices competitive. With cutting-edge storage solutions, the company aims to help you declutter the house and improve your lifestyle. You may already know that cleaning up your house reduces anxiety and leads to a healthier lifestyle.

You can book a self-storage unit at Big Storage in Cape Town, South Africa right now without leaving your house! Wondering how to do that? Here are the steps you need to take!

4 Steps to Book a Storage Unit Online

Before we move to the steps to book a storage unit online, you should estimate the total size of your belongings. That will help you choose a unit with the most appropriate storage space to keep your belongings safe and unharmed.

Also, learn a few effective packing and moving techniques to ensure negligible or no damage to your belongings. Here’s how you can book a storage unit today:

1.  Provide Credentials/Personal Info

To book a self storage unit online with Big Storage in Cape Town, visit the official website and decide whether they meet your requirements. You can also contact the customer support personnel at Big Storage through the contact form on the official site.

First, provide the required personal information to verify yourself as a legitimate individual. The information will most likely include your name, email address, and contact number.

2.  Pick a Storage Unit Size

The next step involves picking the right storage unit size. It’s totally up to you when it comes to choosing a storage unit. You can choose a storage unit that’s the smallest, biggest, or somewhere in between. To get a better idea of how big a storage unit you need, gather your belongings in one place and assess the total space that they acquire. Otherwise, you can call up Big Storage to talk to the experts.

3.  Select a Payment Method

After choosing a storage unit size and providing personal info, you must choose a payment option. The company offers safe payment methods including VoguePay and PayPal for your convenience as well. Also, you can pay in cash when you arrive at the self-storage facility as well.

4.  Choose the Time for Storage Unit Use

Finally, you have to choose the data and time for which you’re booking a storage unit at a self-storage facility of Big Storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

Do guards protect self-storage facilities 24/7?

At Big Storage in Cape Town, there is security personnel guarding the facility non-stop to keep all belongings safe.

Can you book a storage unit for a few days instead of a few months?

At Big Storage, that’s possible. Although most customers book storage units for a few months, you contact the company and discuss your requirements

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