How to Achieve a Killer Nike Air Huarache Look

The year 1991 graced us with lots of fashion firsts. Designer wear was on the rise, the grunge scene was hot, and supermodels were on every billboard. 

This was also when Nike Air Huarache sneakers made their first appearance. When they hit the scene, they weren’t a massive initial success. Rather, reviews were mixed about this new type of footwear.

On one hand, the sock-like upper was comfortable and hugged the foot as no sneaker had before. In fact, they were deemed some of the most comfortable Nike shoes ever made. Yet, it was a slightly chunkier style that took some getting used to. 

For more than three decades, however, it’s remained an iconic style. Did you just invest in a new pair of Nike Air Huaraches for your closet? Today, we’re sharing a few ways to make them all your own. 

What’s Behind the Nike Air Huarache Design?

Before we dive into how to rock your Nike Air Huarache shoes, let’s take a step back in time. By understanding the history of these sneakers, you can better understand the look and vibe they were meant to encompass. 

In the early 1990s, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield took a water skiing vacation. Before hitting the water, he put his foot into the slalom skis, which featured built-in neoprene booties. 

As he enjoyed his trip, he brainstormed how that same fit could translate to a sneaker. The booties were insanely comfortable and kept his feet secure, even as he was being tossed about by the waves. He went home, made a sketch, and shared it with his colleagues. 

The design had a few standout features, including:

  • Integrated Air Unit cushioning
  • Phylon midsole
  • Thermoplastic heel unit 
  • Supportive, exoskeleton saddle

The one thing it didn’t have? That recognizable Nike swoosh. For that reason, it became quite polarizing around the office. 

When the Air Huaraches were first released, the first 5,000 pairs were marketed and sold directly to marathon runners, who raved about the sneakers’ extreme comfort and flexibility. Later, the style caught on with basketball players and cross-training athletes, and eventually the general public.

Over the years, these sneakers have been re-released in a variety of different styles, patterns, and colorways. You can find an extensive array of styles in Kickscrew’s Nike Air Huarache collection. 

Street Style Meets Supreme Comfort: Rocking the Athleisure Wear Look

Just a few years ago, you might have thought twice about wearing your gym clothes out in public. Now, however, the style is everywhere you look.

It’s no secret that the athleisure wear industry has grown exponentially. Much of this growth is due to the stay-at-home orders mandated at the onset of the pandemic, where everyone looked for ways to stay fit and comfortable without leaving the house.

Whether you’re wearing your Air Huaraches to lift weights or run a few laps, you can easily transition from your workout to your weekday with these shoes. Pair them with a great pair of good-fitting workout pants or leggings, as well as an oversized hoodie. 

Sporting Nike Air Huarache Shoes at Work

With their futuristic design and thick soles, you might wonder if these shoes will be appropriate for your office. In fact, you might wonder how to wear sneakers at work in the first place!

The key is to keep the rest of your look as polished as possible. While you obviously wouldn’t slip these on with a three-piece suit, they can look great when paired with other tailored classics, such as:

  • Slim-fitting khakis
  • Long, pleated skirts
  • Oxford dress shirts 
  • Blouses and jackets

To avoid looking like you rolled out of bed and into work, take the time to iron your dress pants, cuff your shirts, and smooth out any wrinkles from your skirts or blouses. In addition, it’s best to keep the colorways simple and neutral for office-ready sneakers.

Choose an all-black or all-gray pair of Air Huaraches and let the rest of your outfit do the talking. Of course, make sure your workplace allows tennis shoes or sneakers before you attempt to surprise your colleagues with these kicks. 

Weekend-Ready Comfort and Style

When the weekend hits, you should be able to don clothes that are easy to play, eat, and live in. This includes sneakers that are plush enough for all-day comfort.

Nike Air Huarache shoes definitely fit the bill. The comfort you’ll experience from the second you slip these on is unmatched. As the years go by, designers have fine-tuned the shoe’s shape and form to be lighter and even more comfortable with each iteration. 

You can wear these to run errands, go out to eat, or enjoy a few hours at a local park. They wash up beautifully and look even better with age, so you can rest assured they’ll grow more comfy and durable with time. 

For a universal, all-day look, pair yours with dark denim, your favorite tee, and a lightweight pullover if the weather turns chilly. These also look great with tailored shorts and more structured polo shirts for more formal occasions. 

Start Your Nike Air Huarache Collection Today

Now that you know a few of the best ways to wear your Nike Air Huarache sneakers, are you ready to add a few pairs to your collection? Whether you’ve been a sneakerhead for years or you’re just starting out, it won’t take long to recognize the appeal of this brand. 

The Swoosh is classic for a reason, and five seconds in the Air Huaraches will show you why. Supremely comfortable and stylish, they’ll stay on heavy rotation in your closet. 

Looking for more tips to help you refine your personal style? Check out more of our outfit guides today!

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