How Real Estate Drone Photography Can Help Your Company

Drone photography has grown increasingly popular over the last few years. With the emergence of new technologies, drones have become more affordable—making high-quality footage more accessible.

By offering a 360° perspective, drone photography allows real estate agents to highlight more features of a property. Keep reading to learn more about real estate drone photography and how it can help you sell houses.

What Is Drone Photography? 

Drone photography is synonymous with aerial photography. These images are taken through airborne platforms such as aircraft or drones. Drones allow the user to navigate an airborne video camera remotely or autonomously using software-controlled flight plans. 

Costs of Drone Photography

High-quality drones that are suitable for real estate photography can cost you up to $10,000 dollars. In addition to the drone itself, you will also need to invest in editing software and get your FAA registration and license. Hiring professional drone services can save you money and ensure a high-quality product. 

Benefits of Drone Photography 

When it comes to selling real estate, garnering interest online is pivotal. Once a prospective buyer is interested in a property, you need to set up tours and open houses.

There are many benefits to drone photography. As an agent, ensuring all listings come with well-staged photos and aerial photos will help you capture the client’s interest. Everything looks better from a bird’s eye view.

Showcase Your Property

Drone photography and videography allow you to show the acreage of your lot and add a sense of breadth to the home. Aerial videos and photos help to showcase the layout of the property.

Typical real estate listings do not do the property justice. By offering aerial views, you can highlight a property’s landscape and neighborhood.

Highlight Your Location 

Drone photography can be an asset if a property has a convenient location or is near a community or city center. These photos will let you see that a property is a short drive from recreation or shopping. 

Market Properties Digitally

Selling real estate is all about effectively branding a property. With the rise of social media, real estate agents need to learn to be active online and post properties with dynamic content. Aerial photography and videography provide appealing social media feed, that real estate agents can leverage to bring in potential buyers. 

Lures in Younger Buyers

Studies performed by the National Association of REALTORS showed that millennials and Gen Z homebuyers are interested in using evolving technologies to check out potential listings. Complementary features such as virtual tours and drone photos, help these buyers get a more holistic view before they set up a walk-through. 

Use Real Estate Drone Photography 

Real estate drone photography is an evolving business. Standard photos are essential to a successful real estate listing; however drone photography can truly elevate a listing. When it comes to boosting your interest in real estate listings, you should work with an expert to get the best quality aerial photos.

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