How Physical Therapists in Gonzales, Louisiana are Helping Athletes Recover Quickly

Sports of all types put a strain on an athlete’s body. Between repetitive moves, such as a pitcher throwing balls, and high endurance output, injuries are not uncommon. Quick recovery from injuries is important for athletes, as not being able to participate due to pain or immobility can have long-lasting effects. Physical therapy near Gonzales is one of the best things athletes can do to get out of pain, increase mobility, and return to their sport as fast as possible.

Pain Reduction and Increased Mobility

Some of the first priorities of physical therapy is to reduce pain and increase movement in the injured joint or tissues. Treatment often consists of a variety of methods, depending on the specific situation. For example, shoulder pain treatment in Baton Rouge varies based on whether pain is due to overuse, a rotator cuff tear, arthritis, dislocation, or other issue.

Some of the treatment methods used by sports-focused physical therapists include:

  • Bracing and taping
  • Manual or orthopedic therapy
  • Sports ergonomic training
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Blood flow restriction therapy
  • Re-education exercises

The number of sessions it takes for pain reduction to occur varies as well. For some athletes, they may begin to notice improvements after a few sessions, while for others, it may take months. Once there is a reduction in pain, and movement is better, more work is necessary. The injured area is weak, and a series of exercises and other methods are usually part of the treatment process.

Speedy Recovery to Get Back in Game

One of the mistakes that athletes, and non-athletes, make is that they try to get back in the game too fast. Although the goal of a physical therapist is speedy recovery, it is also important that the area is completely healed and has regained strength and balance. If these components are not there, the area can easily receive another injury.

For example, physical therapy for tennis elbow is common among not only tennis players, but also other athletes who perform repetitive motions of the arm. Once the physical therapist has reduced the pain and improved mobility of the area, treatment will consist of exercises to bring upon full recovery. Some of these exercises occur at the physical therapy clinic.

However, at some point, the PT will usually assign certain exercises for the injured athlete do at home on his or her own. For the speediest recovery, this individual must commit to performing these exercises at the prescribed frequency. The key to any athletic recovery is dedication to do what is necessary to heal quickly.

Physical therapy is good for a wide variety of things, and sports injuries are one of the things that respond well to this healing method. Physical therapy consists of a variety of treatment methods, and each treatment protocol will differ based on the specific injury, any past injuries, and the athlete’s ability to heal.

If you are suffering from a sports-related injury and are experiencing frustration at not being able to get back in the game, physical therapy may be for you.

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