How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

We hear this question very often from people who come to our bathroom stores near me, “New Bathroom Style.” The cost of repairs depends on many factors:

The need for a design project. If you need to prepare a design project, then the cost naturally increases, but with the help of a designer, you can implement any idea and style. Therefore, it is not recommended to neglect this service.

The need for redevelopment

Naturally, redevelopment is a costly business. Firstly, you will have to spend money on the services of designers, secondly, on fees upon approval, and thirdly, the redevelopment work itself is more expensive than just repair work.

Repair type

Naturally, minor repairs are much cheaper than general repairs. And there are many types of rehabilitation. For example, a budget bathroom renovation will cost much less than a standard cosmetic renovation. And elite maintenance is more expensive than usual capital repairs also Puget Construction & Landscape .

The need to replace engineering networks and communications

This expense item is the most costly, so how much it costs to repair a bathroom will also depend on replacing water or sewer pipes.

Finishing materials used. The type of materials and their quality directly affect the cost of bathroom repairs. Naturally, ceramic tiles will be more expensive than plastic panels, and plastic pipes are cheaper than conventional ones. However, here one should think about the cheapness and the quality and durability of the repair.

Bathroom vanity manufacturers, which present their products in a bathroom supply store New Bathroom Style, use high-quality materials from wholesale suppliers and partners. Therefore, you get even the highest-quality furniture at a wholesale price. This allows for significant savings to buy 36 inch bathroom vanity or 84 inch bathroom vanity.

How much it costs to repair a turnkey bathroom depends on the above factors and many others, including the room area, the need to combine a bathroom, the need to connect complex household items, equipment, and plumbing. In any case, in our company, the repair cost is always optimal, and the quality is always at its best.

So, how to save on bathroom renovation?

Substantial savings are obtained due to finishing materials. Ask your contractor to use only finishing materials from well-known European and American manufacturers. Moreover, their cost is significantly lower than the market average. Professional contractors will not do their own wrapping, so the materials also rise to you at the wholesale cost. Note that appropriate certificates confirm the quality of all materials. They are safe and durable. When purchasing new plumbing, think about domestic manufacturers. The cost of such plumbing is much lower than imported, it has a stylish and modern appearance, and its quality characteristics are not much different from imported counterparts.

If you see that there is no way to do without replacing communications, and this process is quite costly, you can make a partial replacement.

An economical bathroom renovation starts with dismantling work

The contractor will remove all coatings, plumbing fixtures, furniture, and decorative items, ultimately freeing up the premises. After that, we start decorating the walls. Tile can be used as a material, but it is naturally more expensive than other materials. Walls can be painted – this is the most budget option or trimmed with plastic panels, which is also relatively inexpensive. After the surfaces are ready, the contractor will proceed with the installation of plumbing. If your bathtub turns yellow and it is impossible to clean it, use an acrylic liner or cover it with liquid acrylic. It is inexpensive but high quality and beautiful. Plastic pipes can be purchased. If, nevertheless, their replacement is required, albeit partial. In no case should you save on valves? After installing the plumbing, we install the flooring. It can be tiles or moisture-resistant linoleum. The second option is certainly much more economical, but it will not last long. Therefore, it is better to spend money on ceramic tiles. The ceiling can be laid with plastic panels or painted, especially if it is flat.

Come to the New Bathroom Style showroom or chat with our experts to get the best advice about bathroom renovation and bathroom furniture!

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