How Intermittent Fasting Can Help You Lose Weight

30-Second Summary

  • Intermittent fasting or IF is a diet plan that allows you to eat what you want and still lose weight.
  • This diet regimen divides your day or week into fasting and eating intervals.
  • You can eat what you like during the eating window, but strictly fast during the fasting intervals.
  • Some of the common IF plans are the 16:8, 5:2, and alternate-day fasting.
  • These plans encourage the body to burn fat instead of glucose for energy during the fasting windows.
  • Apart from weight loss, IF also improves heart health, decreases the risk of diabetes, and improves overall health when paired with the right nutrients or supplements.


Let’s admit it, dieting is not everybody’s cup of tea, especially when it means giving up your favorite foods. However, we all know that exercise alone may not be sufficient to lose weight. At the end, we all need a sustainable diet program in Raleigh that we can follow for months or even longer to lose weight.

This is where intermittent fasting or IF comes into the picture, helping you burn fat without starving. It is a diet strategy that can help you shed weight faster while enjoying the food that you love. You may wonder if this is a fad, considering how good it sounds, but intermittent fasting truly works!

The key to this dieting technique is to eat all you like within a specific window of time while fasting for the rest of the day. It can work better than a lot of diets or the best weight loss supplements for many people. 

Here is an overview of what intermittent fasting is and how it delivers results!

What Is Intermittent Fasting and How Is It Different from Other Diet Plans?

Intermittent fasting is a diet pattern in which you are only allowed to consume food during specific windows of time. Apart from these windows, you are supposed to fast. While fasting, you can only consume zero-calorie drinks like water, green tea, or black coffee. 

Some of the popular IF plans have a fasting window of 16 hours followed by an eating window of 8 hours or fasting on alternate days. The longer periods of fasting exhaust the carbohydrate supplies in the body, forcing it to burn fat instead. This encourages faster weight loss.

This diet plan is different from other weight-loss diets because it does not impose any food restrictions during the eating window. You can consume any food of your choice in the eating window and only have to make sure that you do not eat during the fasting window. Therefore, it is a less prohibitive diet than those that restrict the consumption of carbs, meat, etc.

How Does Intermittent Fasting Help With Weight Loss?

According to studies, intermittent fasting regimens encourage weight loss, reduce the risk of obesity, and improve the metabolic profile in individuals. Therefore, this is an effective weight loss strategy for those who cannot follow other prohibitive diet plans.

The reason why IF works so well is that it encourages the body to burn stored fat for energy by restricting the supply of food to specific windows of time. Since the body does not receive energy from food during the long fasting intervals, it starts burning up the fat reserves, resulting in weight and fat loss.

This eating pattern is inspired by our prehistoric ancestors, who used to eat only during specific daylight hours due to the challenges of hunting and gathering food. Experts claim that our bodies are used to prolonged periods of fasting, which boost our fat metabolism. IF regimens can help most people lose weight quickly without strict dietary restrictions.

The Types of Intermittent Fasting Plans

Different IF plans have different patterns of fasting and eating windows. Here are some of the most common intermittent fasting regimens you can follow:

  • 16:8 Diet

The 16:8 method is the most widely followed IF plan because it is the easiest one. In this manner, you can consume food within an 8-hour window daily and fast during the remaining 16 hours. You can choose any convenient 8-hour window for eating, such as morning to evening or afternoon until the evening.

  • Fasting On Alternate Days

The alternate day fasting diet is exactly what the name suggests. In this IF diet, you can eat whatever you want on alternate days. However, on the remaining days, you can either fast completely or eat up to 500 calories. This diet regimen is simple to remember and does not require much planning from your end.

  • Eat Stop Eat Diet

The eat stop eat diet plan allows you to eat what you want on most days except 1-2 days a week when you fast completely. The idea behind this diet plan is that when you fast for up to 24 hours, it causes a metabolic shift in your body to burn fat instead of glucose. However, this plan might be a little difficult for some people to follow as it requires full fasting twice a week.

  • The Warrior Diet

The Warrior diet or the 20:4 diet is an IF plan that allows you to eat only in a 4-hour window every day. Inspired by the eating patterns of ancient warriors, this plan has a rigorous fasting window of 20 hours. It may be difficult for some people, but you can slowly progress towards this by starting with the 16:8 plan. 

While you are not allowed to eat anything during the fasting window, you can consume any food of your choice during the eating window. However, for faster weight loss and better health, include nutritious foods in your diet while staying within the recommended calorie limit even during the eating window.

  • 5:2 Diet

In the 5:2 diet, you can eat as per your daily calorie requirements for 5 days every week, and then cut down the calories to 1/4th your requirement on the remaining 2 days. This IF plan is also quite flexible, as you can choose the 2 fasting days according to your schedule. 

The Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Apart from weight loss and better metabolism, studies have found IF to have various other health benefits too. Some of the prominent upsides of this diet plan include the following:

  • Improves heart health
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Retains muscle mass while reducing fat
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes
  • Improves tissue health
  • Improves memory and brain function
  • Enhances physical stamina

Some people may have difficulties consuming all necessary nutrients during the eating window. To compensate for this, you can consume nutritional supplements instead. Health Web Magazine offers information on the best supplements to use during intermittent fasting.

Can We Use Weight Loss Supplements During Intermittent Fasting?

Just like IF, weight loss supplements encourage the body to burn fat faster. They can be a good pairing, but you must consult your nutritionist or doctor about it. Most weight loss supplements, when consumed during the eating window, can help you achieve your target weight faster through IF.

Modere Trim is one such supplement that contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid to boost fat metabolism. According to Modere Trim reviews, some consumers noticed visible weight reduction after using the supplement for a few weeks. So, it may be a good product to try along with IF.

Additionally, Health Web Magazine states that Modere Trim also contains Liquid Biocell and Sunflower seed oil to improve bone and skin health. Hence, this supplement may take care of your health while you embark on your weight loss journey.


Intermittent Fasting is an effective weight loss technique for those who cannot give up on certain foods. It allows you to eat all kinds of food as long as you don’t consume anything in the fasting window. The long windows of fasting encourage the body to burn fat instead of glucose for energy, enabling weight loss.

Along with following the fasting patterns, you can also try the best weight loss supplements to lose weight quickly. Furthermore, try to consume well-balanced, healthy meals during the eating windows to maintain optimal physical health.

According to Modere Trim reviews, this supplement may help you burn fat faster when paired with a weight loss diet. Hence, you can try to lose weight quickly with intermittent fasting. So, if you want a simple yet effective technique to lose weight and stay fit, try intermittent fasting today

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