How Instagram add maker helps attract new clients

Can’t get used to the new Instagram feed ranking system? Think that most potential customers do not see your posts and do not know anything about your business?

Use ads to reach your audience and make your offer stand out. After all, according to statistics, 75% of users first look for goods or services on Instagram and only then do they browse sites, go to a search engine or consult with friends.

However, simply placing ads on such a popular social network does not guarantee success. You need to “go beyond”, and come up with something that will distinguish you from competitors and bring potential buyers. An Instagram add maker will help you achieve this goal.

Make sure you need to advertise on Instagram

Before you sign up for Instagram add maker and publish your first content, make sure that it will be effective. How to understand it? Ask yourself:

Are your clients on Instagram? 

According to statistics, the main part of users is a young audience under the age of 35 (70%), mostly women.

Are potential buyers interested in your topic/niche/product on Instagram? 

Before launching an advertising campaign, search through the main accounts and tags in your niche and see how active users are there. Also, use the list of popular Instagram topics from Facebook: 

  • fashion and beauty;
  • food;
  • movies;
  • enthusiasm;
  • music.

Can you create quality visual content?

Instagram is primarily photos and videos, preferably not stock ones. You need to shoot your business, as well as make advertisements and regular posts in the same style. Therefore, consider who will be involved in the production of media content: existing employees or you will find a new specialist.

Find and learn a suitable Instagram add maker beforehand.

If you answered “Yes” to these three questions, great! You can start creating your ad.

Choose ad type

There are three main types of content you can promote on IG These are photos, videos, and carousels (a post containing more than one photo and/or video). It’s crucial to decide which type suits you best so that you could choose a relevant online editor.


Ideal for the first launch of an advertising campaign. Use a photo if you want to strengthen the presence of your brand, attract an audience, and get clicks to the site.

Picture requirements:

  • maximum resolution: 1936 x 1936 pixels;
  • minimum resolution: for square photos – 600 x 600 pixels, for landscape orientation – 600 x 315 pixels, for portrait orientation – 600 x 750 pixels.


It’s best to use the following picking criteria for your ad photo:

  • do not use any blur in the picture for a business account;
  • take high-quality photos, best of all 1024 x 1024 pixels;
  • try different filters, but avoid those that add blur;
  • experiment with color;
  • add brightness – black and white photos are 24% less popular;
  • place the logo on your photo in a creative and unobtrusive way, as Starbucks does:


Videos instantly capture the attention of users because they stand out from the general content. If you post a video along with a call to action button, your ads generate 2x more sales than images.

Don’t know what to shoot? Involve your customers in this process or look for free stock videos right in the editing service you picked.

Video requirements:

  • the maximum size is 4 GB;
  • aspect ratio: for square video – 1:1, for landscape orientation – 1.91:1, for portrait orientation – 4:5.

This is important to remember when filming your first content.

Instagram carousel

Now we are not tied to one image but can tell a whole story, bringing it closer to your brand and creating an emotional connection. Show the experience of using the product or service. Build connections between images, create a story, and make your ad more engaging.

Make your ad recognizable

Add things to the photo that the visitor recognizes immediately – a pen, a notebook, a cup. This is much better than the unknown landscape. Since it is easier for our brain to pull out things that we already know from our memory.

But don’t forget that your brand needs to stand out from the competition. Therefore, make photos of familiar objects more creative.

Also, include photos of famous people whom you want your brand or event you are promoting to be associated with.

Inspire people

66% of Instagram readers said they use social networks to get inspired in their daily lives. That is why the accounts of travelers, famous businessmen, etc. are so popular. Use this for your advertisements. Find out what your users are looking for and show it to them.

Stick to a consistent style

Are you using ads to drive additional traffic to your site? Make an IG ad and landing page in a similar style.

If your goal is to attract new followers, take the photo in the ad in the same style as other images in the account, for example, use the same filter.

Tell your client’s story

Who are they? Where do they spend time? What do they eat?

This is a great opportunity to show the audience that you understand them and get closer. Use photos of your customers that show their experience with the product or service.

According to research, 77% of visitors say that images of customers influence their buying decision more than professional shots. This is due to the fact that they can imagine themselves in the place of the client, for example with a phone in their hand.


Most likely, you will not be able to make a cool advertisement the first time. And that’s okay. The key is to keep trying and learning from your mistakes.

If you do not see results, or they do not suit you, change tactics. Adjust your audience, increase your budget, or advertise at different times of the day.


Feel like competitors have better-looking ads? Switch to another, more popular Instagram ad maker. Don’t be afraid of changes!

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