How Do I Choose the Best Pest Control Company in My Local Area?

More than 14 million residents across the US reported seeing roaches in their homes in the past year. Another 14 million have also reported seeing rodents in their home.

Pests are a big problem. And if you have any in your home, you aren’t alone.

The problem with seeing one pest is the knowledge that there are many more you can’t see. And if you don’t do anything to remove them from your property, they will continue to fill your home until it becomes unbearable.

You should call a pest control company near you at first sight. If you see a pest, I can guarantee it won’t be a one-time occurrence.

But how do you choose a professional pest control service? Keep reading for more insight into the pest control industry for tips on solving your residential pest control problems.

Choose Licensed, Experienced Providers

The use of pesticides is heavily regulated in the US. And for good reason, too. Pesticides can be just as dangerous to humans as they are to pests if they aren’t used properly.

Pest control companies need to have at least one individual who is licensed and certified in each relevant pesticide category. It’s definitely a bonus if every staff member at a particular company is certified to ensure that you are receiving service from a knowledgeable, experienced expert.

The last thing you want to know is to invite an inexperienced person into your home with dangerous chemicals. Doing so could put your health, or the health of your children or pets at risk.

But in the hands of a trained service provider, the proper pesticides will take care of pests without creating any risk to you.

Make Sure They Disclose Specific Pesticides

Pesticides need to be registered and approved by the EPA and the Department of Agriculture. Companies should be willing to disclose what pesticides they are using and how much they intend to use.

If a company is not willing to share this information, as well as the labels containing active ingredients, or if they claim they have a secret formula, that’s a big red flag.

Choose a pest control provider that values authenticity and transparency, not secrecy. There’s too much at risk for secrets.

Ask About Your Area

Pest control is local. Different areas will be subject to different pests. And different neighborhoods, with houses built in different decades, may also be more or less susceptible to pests.

A good pest control company will be familiar with your area. If you ask questions, such as why you are getting a particular pest in your part of town, they should be able to tell you why.

Make sure to ask questions that will give you insight into their experience level working in your state and city. You don’t want to choose a new company that was started by someone who lacks experience in your area, as their tactics may not be effective here.

What Is Their Expertise?

Pest control is a big industry. There are many different types of pests, each of which requires different knowledge, skills, and products to be used.

An individual pest company often specializes in one or two areas. If they claim to do it all, they may provide subpar treatment, rather than excellent treatment.

For example, many service providers will focus specifically on rodents, including indoor and outdoor treatment. Others will focus on termites, as this is an especially important job.

Still, others will focus on making your yard more comfortable and safe, by eliminating mosquitoes and getting rid of bees and wasps.

Try to identify all of the different pests you are facing. Choose a company that specializes in those pests specifically for the best results.

Likewise, a good pest control company should offer tips on their website for preventing pests in the first place. These tips, for example, showcase what not to do when trying the DIY approach to pest control in Folsom.

Recommendations and Reviews

Lastly, make sure to research the company’s reputation. If they’ve been serving your area for at least a few years, they should have a fair bit of positive feedback online.

Check out some of the reviews on the BBB and Google Reviews.

You should also ask people in your neighborhood for recommendations. Many neighborhoods have Facebook groups that are perfect for finding local service providers with experience in your area.

Don’t Wait, Call a Pest Control Company Today

It’s tempting to ignore pests. If you don’t have the money or don’t want to deal with the hassle of calling a service provider, you might put it off. But doing so is a bad idea.

For one, the longer you ignore pests, the more they will multiply. As they multiply, they will expand their nesting area, taking up more and more space in your home.

Sightings will become much more common. And pests are known to cause lots of damage, even if you can’t see them. Rodents dig holes, tear up insulation, get into the trash, and poop everywhere.

Even if rodents are only seen outside, they can dig tunnels alongside your home, creating a hazard where water can pool up next to your foundation and cause damage.

Insects can cause lots of problems as well. And both rodents and insects can carry diseases, making your home unsanitary, and increasing your risk of illness.

Their presence in the home can also fill the air with allergens, which can increase the chances of respiratory problems, especially among those with asthma or allergies.

If you don’t solve your pest problems right away, they will get worse and worse. And as they do, they will pose a bigger threat to your home, your health, and your budget, as they will be more expensive to fix if you wait too long.

Keep Your Home Comfortable and Safe

Be a smart homeowner or renter. Don’t wait to call a pest control company. Doing so only increases your risk and your eventual cost.

Find a provider that ticks all of the boxes above and schedule the next available service, so that your home can truly be the comfortable, safe haven that it was meant to be.

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