House for Sale: The Ultimate Checklist for Selling a House

Selling your home can feel utterly overwhelming if you’re flying by the seat of your pants.

Although it may not sound like a complicated process, there’s a lot that you have to account for when selling a home.From minor renovations to deciding on crucial sales techniques such as property staging and more. Its always advisable to hire real estate agent services because it’s not always as straightforward as it appears.

In this post, we’re going to do our best to make it easier for you by giving you the ultimate checklist for selling your home. Read on and you’ll be able to go step by step and sell your home without any of the stress.

Look At Market & Pricing

Before you even start to think about listing your home, do some market research to figure out when to sell and what to sell for. You can glean a lot by looking at what’s happening with other homes in your neighborhood. If you’re unsure of what to list your home at, this is a great place to start.

You should also be thinking about when to list your home. Buyers are more active at different times of year in different parts of the country. If you list at the wrong time and your home is on the market for too long, your selling price is going to suffer.

Decide On Realtor

The first step in this guide to selling your home is deciding whether or not to hire a realtor or real estate lawyer. The one main benefit of selling a home on your own is that you’ll get to keep all of the money that you’d otherwise give to a real estate agent – somewhere around 5-6% commission. Depending on how much your home goes for, this could be a lot of money.

What you get for that commission, however, is undeniable. Access to qualified buyers, a knowledge of the local market, and taking care of all of the showing/dealing with potential buyers – a real estate agent does all of this for you.

Repairs & Curb Appeal

When it comes to repairs and renovations, there are do’s and don’ts before selling a home. You’ll want to give the house as much curb appeal as possible to entice buyers, but you don’t want to go too far or spend too much on repairs. Make the lawn, walkways, and garden look as good as possible, but don’t redo the pavement, for example.

Basically, unless the house has any major or dangerous flaws, try to stick to smaller cosmetic repairs.

Cleaning & Home Staging

As you and your realtor start showing the home to interested buyers, you’ll want to make sure that it’s as clean and de-personalized as possible. It’s hard for buyers to picture themselves in a home if it looks too lived-in We Buy Houses Fort Worth Texas. De-clutter as much as you can and consider hiring a home stager to make the home neutral, yet enticing.

For a fee, a home stager will come in and make your home look ready to move into. They know what buyers want to see and can transform your home to fit those desires. This is a proven system that helps to sell homes faster and for more money.

The Only Checklist for Selling a House You’ll Need

Now that you know how to sell your house, you can get to work finding a realtor and doing your market research. Finding a great checklist for selling a house isn’t always easy, so take these tips to heart and start making the preparations to sell your house today.

If you found this helpful, come back again for more on law, homes, and tech.

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