History and current state of Lanka Premier League

[1] Sri Lanka is a country where cricket is hugely popular. Fans can visit 1x.news in order to learn more about the developments of this sport in Sri Lanka. At some moment, there was a competition called the Sri Lanka Premier League. However, it was abandoned due to numerous reasons.

A new competition began only in 2020, and the name it was given is the Lanka Premier League, which gathers the best teams from different places across the country. They play some interesting matches, involving some exclusively talented players from all over the world. To find out everything that happens in this tournament, make sure to visit the 1xNews website and enjoy!.

Difficult implementation

There was a lot of enthusiasm in the country about launching a competition that could succeed the Sri Lanka Premier League. The best cricket predictions for today are free only on 1xnews, which can be used to wager on matches played in many countries worldwide, including Sri Lanka.

By 2018, everything was ready to start the competition. However, multiple issues prevented it from starting at that moment. Later, Sri Lanka Cricket made an announcement stating that the first edition of the competition would start in mid-2020. There were a few extra issues that didn’t allow the competition to start at that moment either.

Yet, after many setbacks, the first match of the championship was finally played on the 26th of November 2020. There are free cricket predictions for matches taking place today and at any other moment only on 1xBet, they can be used for placing wagers on Sri Lankan cricket.

Participating teams

During its first editions, the Lanka Premier League had five teams that came from all around the country. The 1xBet app Android and iPhone allows wagering on all of them from the comfort of your tablet or smartphone. The list of franchises includes:

  • Colombo Stars;
  • Dambulla Giants;
  • Galle Gladiators;
  • Jaffna Kings;
  • Kandy Warriors.

The first season of the championship was won by the Jaffna Kings in 2020, which back then was known as the Jaffna Stallions. They defeated the Galle Gladiators in a match that took place on the 16th of December of that year, and the Jaffna team won by 53 runs.

The 2021 season wasn’t too different in terms of winners and runner-ups. This time, the Jaffna Kings defeated the Galle Gladiators one more time by 23 runs. The match took place on the 23rd of December 2021. It is possible to download the official app 1xBet on iPhone and Android gadgets for wagering on the best Sri Lanka squads on go.

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