Grow your Crypto Business with These 4 SEO Tips

The cryptocurrency industry is fast becoming the most visited online niche, judging from the millions of website traffic that flood it daily. This development is linked to the increasing popularity of the crypto industry, a situation that has compelled SEO experts in the niche to develop new ways of ranking cryptocurrency websites, hence creating crypto SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very powerful to engage in as a webmaster. Before you set out for this task, you must first understand that Google crawls millions, if not billions, of crypto-related websites. So, it will only be rational if you do the right thing or get crawled out of the process.

Your niche doesn’t matter; all that is required is that you do things right. This also includes those that manage cryptocurrency websites. SEO techniques may look different, but they are the same. And if you are into the cryptocurrency niche, it is recommended that you stick to crypto SEO. It has a way of directly impacting your website instead of using the general SEO method.

The difference between crypto SEO and conventional SEO is that the former needs to revolve around the cryptocurrency industry niche. Although this is similar to traditional SEO, it has a more direct and better impact.

There are many ways to do this, as new crypto SEO methods are being introduced to the industry every day. Some known ones include keyword research, internal linking, image optimization, and improved HTML and CSS. There are more, but the ones listed below are the few most effective ones to follow.

4 Crypto SEO Tips You Must Know

1.      Keyword Research

One of the basic ethics of crypto SEO is intensive keyword research. You are meant to run keyword research on keywords that surround the crypto niche. You must pay attention to the keyword volumes and also lay more emphasis on “long-tail keywords.” Each website research tool has sections where they analyze keyword activities.

Keywords attract the audience to a particular website article with the help of a search engine algorithm. But you don’t just add any keyword; you must add relevant ones. This is more reason you should adapt the use of some keyword analytical tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, MOZ, etc. These tools help you understand SEO behavior and which one you can use to get the most traffic.

2.      Internal Linking

A good cryptocurrency website must link to a better one to increase its domain relevance. It’s like this: a start-up company meeting with big brands to get more exposure. That’s exactly how it works in crypto SEO: smaller websites send links to bigger websites to increase their relevance in the cryptocurrency SERP niche. And there is no limit to this, the more links you send, the more relevant your website becomes.

A keyword anchor text is the best way to build strong internal linking. That way, you are not only building links, but you are also simultaneously integrating keywords as well.

3.      Optimizing your Image

Image optimization is a very important aspect of crypto SEO. Getting the right image is one thing; optimizing it SEO-wise is another. As per optimizing it for SEO, we mean adding relevant keywords to the Alt and title tags. Again, ensure your image size is not too heavy; it should weigh not more than 5 MB: search engines, especially Google, usually down-rank websites with images.

While thinking about the right image to upload, we recommend using either JPGs or GIF formats. The quality of the image you will be using is also very important; you must insist on high-quality images; using images with low-quality resolution will negatively affect your ranking.

4.      Improved HTML and CSS

While you must have a clean and clear website design, you must also integrate clean codes. Doing this will impact the performance of your website ranking. Some of these “good code” ethics include applying tables instead of inline scripting and using special content IDs for every page, which helps webmasters to track their content. Note that Google will penalize any website that publishes duplicate content. For improved HTML and CSS, consider using semantic, structured code.

And most importantly, remove irrelevant codes, e.g., server-side code, frames, etc. We will strongly recommend that you use a CDN for faster loading times. This will help minimize and reduce the rate of using external scripts.

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