Ghost Tours in Honolulu

If you’re a thrill-seeker, and you’re headed to the Hawaiian island of Honolulu, then you might want to start looking for some tours that are sure to keep you intrigued while on your visit. Maybe you’re headed to Honolulu during the Halloween season, or you’re just someone who loves ghost stories.

Whatever the reason, there’s an incredible ghost tour to check out on this island out with lots of haunted history. Keep reading to learn more about how to book one of the best ghost tours in the Honolulu area.

Experience a ghost tour in Honolulu.

One great way to experience all that the island of Honolulu has to offer is to go on a private ghost tour while visiting. To many visitors’ surprise, Hawaii is home to haunts and ghosts just like many other cities. For an entertaining and real experience with a tour guide, check out these US Ghost Tours in Honolulu.

On this ghost tour, you’ll get loads of background history that’s sure to put chills down your spine. By booking your ghost tour today, you’ll get to trek through various haunted places that are laden with paranormal activity making it a memorable experience that will keep you on the lookout for the undead for the rest of the trip.

Know what to expect.

On this ghost tour, you can expect to walk in the footsteps of the undead. You’ll go for a guided walking tour in downtown Honolulu. While there, locals and eyewitnesses will share their accounts. Plus, the tour guide will speak on the area’s history so you can fully grasp the depth of the past the downtown district holds.

Some of these stories will be about the ancient Gods, creatures, and curses that disturb the island on a supernatural level. Other stories are about the troubling historical events that happened there like the Pearl Harbor attacks, the Bubonic plague, and bloody battles between Kings. On these guided ghosts tours, you can guarantee you’ll get all of the backstories on top of the potential to experience paranormal activity for yourself.

Check out these other haunted locations.

If you’re interested in checking out other local haunted places, then a list of some of the most terrifying ghosts stories in Honolulu will be a great addition to your visit. Some of these stories will have you in disbelief, but possibly eager to explore too. As an example, Kapiolani Park used to be home to brutal battles. To this day, many visitors call the police department reporting unusual sights, smells, sounds, and other signs of paranormal activity.

reports of unusual sights, smells and sounds are so common that the Honolulu Police Department has actually gotten used to distressed calls from travelers.

Another bone-chilling story comes from a Honolulu college campus that was a children’s hospital and soldier’s morgue through World War II leaving the present day with reports of ghost sitings. With this sort of haunted history at hand, it makes sense that visitors might want to take a haunted tour to experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Keep your eyes and ears open.

With all of this talk of haunted locations, ghost tours, and ghost stories, you might be left wondering what exactly should you look out for while on your trip?Quite commonly, travelers experience hearing the sounds of drumming from the haunted Night Marchers who were a band of ancient warriors that come out to march on moonless nights.

Be on the lookout for a young woman with long, white hair and a white dog who likes to hitchhike. Many think is the Fire Goddess, Pele, testing for kind visitors. Other than these specific instances, paranormal investigators say to look for an activity like doors slamming shut, unexplained smells, and temperature changes. This way, you’re fully prepped for your ghost tours and you’ll make the best of your experience!

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