Face recognition attendance: The best attendance marking solution for WFH era

One of the biggest challenges faced by the human resource professionals in the work from the home era is the need to accurately record time and attendance for all the employees, irrespective of their location. Reams of attendance records excel sheets, time and attendance data, etc need to be reconciled every single month and irregularities have become the order of the day. A missed attendance here or a false attendance there, either way, the HR persons end up struggling to deliver the futuristic employee experience that is required nowadays.

Outdated manual attendance systems or login timer-based systems are no longer adequate. They could be manipulated by buddy punching etc. Therefore, the time is right to make the best use of available technology and use an employee-friendly face recognition attendance system that will provide you with insightful and accurate data seamlessly.

The best facial recognition-based attendance management solutions are now offered by the leading international online payroll services providers. These are hassle-free, AI-powered, and fool-proof solutions that don’t require any clicks, logins, or ID cards. In a matter of seconds, employees can mark their attendance. Such a swift, accurate and fool-proof attendance marking enhances the employee experience and also solves the problem of tracking or tallying attendance data. There is no risk of buddy punching or employees manipulating the system in any manner. 

Benefits of face recognition attendance system

Speed – A good software would take no more than 3 seconds to identify an employee’s face and create an attendance journal in the payroll system to save invaluable time

Accuracy – The system can automatically scan multiple employees and will have nearly 100% accuracy. Once a face is identified, the data is saved in the payroll system for future usage

Real-time monitoring – The face recognition attendance system offered by leading online payroll services providers would provide real-time data access and synchronization without any time lag. Thus, businesses can optimize the workforce as well as other resources

Offline working – Top of the line solutions would come integrated with IoT sensors, and will work seamlessly even if there is no internet access or connectivity at any location

Productivity enhancement – Faster attendance processing leads to superior productivity and lowering of costs through better resource utilization and revenue generation

Hygiene and safety – Unlike a biometric system that requires people to physically touch the scanner, the face recognition attendance system would be absolutely touchless and fast.

Leading international payroll solution companies to use highly advanced cognitive tools such as Face API and facial recognition technology to ensure that the face-detection algorithms are precise. Multiple attributes of the image captured are matched with the database at the backend to ensure absolute accuracy.

Operational features of a world-class face recognition attendance system

Liveness detection – An advanced system won’t be manipulated by someone using a photograph or a video, and won’t allow fraudulent attendance entries

Geo-fencing – A good system would be able to track people’s movement within a defined work area. It is ideal for offices where restricted access spaces permit only select employees to enter a given area

Age detection – By using the right software, it is possible to identify the under-age workforce, and this resolves a major challenge for organizations hiring remote contract labor

Breath analyzer – A world-class system would also have an integrated breath analyzer to detect inebriated employees. This ability is of critical importance for roles that require driving or handling hazardous materials or equipment that can cause workplace accidents

We live in an era of advanced technology, and through the usage of a world-class face recognition attendance system, companies can ensure absolutely smooth, accurate, and fast attendance management for on-premises and remote workforce with equal ease!

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