Enhance the Look And Feel of Your Home with Designer Faucets

The joy of a beautiful home can be hard to explain. The chance to spruce up your space in a way that brings out your individuality is such a pleasure. Yet, many people are under the impression that designing a space needs a lot of money.

A cursory internet search on how much it takes to design a home can have you running scared. On average, expect to spend anywhere from $2000 to $12,000. Yet, that does not include the cost of furniture and other fittings.

Another mistake that many people make is focusing on the high visibility areas. These include the sitting room, kitchen, or bedrooms. That often leaves out places like the bathroom. Even in the kitchen, the focus is on the countertops, cabinetry, and appliances.

Yet, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of such spaces with designer faucets. If you are designing your home, please read on.

Why Designer Faucets Can Make a Difference

Take a second to think about the basic functionality of the kitchen or bathroom. Without a doubt, faucets are some of the most critical components. But now, faucets have transformed beyond mere utility.

A look at the range of options in design, materials, and more will let you know about the shift in the market. The right choice of designer faucets can transform the look and feel of the existing décor.

Choosing Bathroom Designer Faucets

The bathroom has other functionalities beyond the obvious. For many, it is a place to relax after a long day. Few pleasures in life beat soaking in a hot tub, sipping on your favorite beverage, or listening to music.

So, why shouldn’t you invest in making the space feel luxurious? Go ahead, and get a free-standing bathtub and designer bathroom faucets to make you feel pampered. But when choosing your bathroom sink faucets, go for what you like and browse through a ton of options such as:

  • Wall-mounted faucets blend in well with any interior décor style. Please note that the piping will need to go through the wall.
  • Centre set faucets are about 4 inches in diameter. As the name suggests, the placement of the tap is right at the center of the sink. It comprises two handles for temperature control. The best part is the range of options available to meet your budget. You can get basic to more extravagant designer types.
  • Widespread faucets allow for mounting on the sink itself. You can also have them on a countertop if you so wish. It comes with two handles and a single spout. You get a luxurious, refined style ideal for pedestals or vanities.
  • Single-handle faucets are simple yet stylish. The water temperature and volume control happen through the single handle. You can be sure they will look great with your bathroom décor ideas.
  • Vessel faucets share a lot of similarities with single-handle taps. But they tend to be taller and work well with vessel sinks.

Choosing Kitchen Designer Faucets

Like in the case of bathroom faucets, you have options with the kitchen faucets. When choosing, functionality should be a key concern. This is a faucet that you will use a lot. Thus, it shouldn’t be made of cheap material.

Also, do consider the interior décor when choosing the design. The colors and style should add to the aesthetic appeal. You should be mindful of the countertop and sink a well when deciding the size. Do think about the following tips.

  • You want a sprout that is high enough to wash the utensils comfortably. Yet, placement should be low enough to avoid water splashing outside.
  • Deck-mounted faucets need enough space behind the sink.
  • Wall-mounted faucets need the tap to extend to the center of the sink. So, take into account the space between the wall and the interior edge of the sink.
  • Pullout faucets make washing up super easy. You can direct the water flow right where you need it.
  • When choosing a faucet, it helps to consider who will use it. Motion-controlled faucets, for instance, are excellent for homes with kids or those with mobility issues.

Deciding On the Faucet Design

As we said, there is no shortage of designs when shopping for kitchen or bathroom faucets. Pick the one that fits into your interior decor style.

  • Simple yet stylish designs appeal to the minimalistic or more modest. Yet, they can hold their own in a beauty line-up. Simple faucet designs are contemporary, and their clean lines are beautiful.
  • Rustic or industrial-design faucets look great with traditional or contemporary décor. You also get to express yourself with colors like dark bronze and copper. It is a departure from the standard silver faucets.
  • Focal point faucets are bold and stand out. As the name suggests, they are sure to attract attention. They give a unique look that expresses your personality and style choice.
  • Tech-advanced faucets are for gadget lovers. They include features like water volume control, LED lights, and temperature displays. Yet, such designer faucets are not only about style. Instead, they add convenience, functionality, and hygiene.

For the latter, a good example would be motion-controlled infra-sensor faucets. The fact that no one touches the handles can help contain germ and dirt spread. Don’t forget the savings you will realize as well. No more having to deal with water loss because someone did not turn the faucet off completely.

The Faucet Finish Matters

Like in the case of other interior design fixtures or fittings, the finish matters. Indeed, it will have a significant impact on how the faucet blends into your interior décor. There are so many faucet finishes, including:-

  • The versatile and clean-looking chrome
  • The bold matte black
  • Tarnish and corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Warm and rich-toned nickel
  • Vintage oil-rubbed bronze
  • Industrial-looking champagne bronze, etc.

Don’t restrict yourself to one material if you don’t wish to. Custom faucet designers will only be too happy to work with your preferences.

Also, do consider a seamless blend with the existing décor. That means looking at appliances, cabinetry, and other fixtures. If you go on the extreme end, the mismatch can look messy.

Finally, the finish should be corrosion, chip, and scratch-resistant. You don’t want the hassle and cost of replacing the faucets every so often.

Final Thoughts

When designing or redesigning your home, don’t neglect the faucets. You can transform your kitchen or bathroom with designer faucets. We have outlined critical pointers when choosing some above. It is incredible that something so small can make such a huge difference to your interior design.

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