Elisa Johnson: Bio, Age, Wiki, Father, Net Worth

Elisa Johnson is a famous celebrity kid who is famous for being the daughter of Magic Johnson, who is a basketball legend. The daughter of Magic was born on December 21, 1994, in Los Angeles, California, United States. The American nationalist has Sagittarius as her zodiac sign. Following the Christian religion, Elisa is a great follower of Lord Jesus and does see her future bright in his hands. 

She is famous for having a leading role in ich Kids of Beverly Hills – EJNYC. Elisa is a famous American model, actress, reality television star and businessperson. Her boyfriend’s name is David James. He is not David James, who is an English football legend (goalkeeper). 

Physical Statists: Elisa Johnson

Elisa Johnson is a fashion-forward and good-looking lady who stands 5 feet and 3 inches tall. She does take care of her body very well. Hence, she does weight around 56 kg. Dark brown eyes and hair do indeed make her look creative. Her foot size is 8 (US). 

She has indeed done several cosmetic surgeries for elevating her looks. Elisa does like making tattoos; therefore, she has made tattoos on her arms and legs. It does indeed show a lot about Elisa and her magical look. 

Elisa does spend time at the gym. It does indeed help him to make an impact. 

Elisa Johnson: Early Life 

There is not a shadow of a doubt that Magic Johnson has helped her family to make an impact when it comes to living a cool life. He did marry Cookie Johnson in 1991. In the same year, the pair did welcome Earvin Johnson III, better known as EJ Johnson, who is a famous American TV personality. 

Elisa Johnson
Elisa Johnson with her family

Two years later, in 1994, they did welcome Elisa Johnson. But Andre Johnson is the elder of almost three siblings. He was born on 20 February 1981. But her mother is Melissa Mitchell, which makes Andre their half-sibling. She did get her education in Los Angeles. However, she always had a love for sports and entertainment than academics. Earvin Johnson Sr., Christine Johnson, Earl Kelly and Cora Kelly are her grandparents. Yvonne Johnson, Mary Johnson, Pearl Johnson, Evelyn Johnson and Kim Johnson are her aunts, while Quincy Johnson, Lois Johnson, Michael Johnson, and Larry Johnson are Elisa’s uncles. 

Elisa Johnson: Love Life 

Elisa Johnson is the girlfriend of David James, who is a fellow American (USA). They did meet at a common friend’s party. It was indeed love at the first sight. The pair has not married yet and they do not have any sudden plan to marry or get engaged. Both are currently happy in their lives to become top professionals in their careers. It does indeed tell a lot about Elisa and their impact to make things great. 

Elisa Johnson: Pro Career 

Elisa Johnson is indeed a well-respected model, actress, reality television star and businessperson. She is famous for working a leading role in a series named EJNYC, where one can see the magic of lavish life. She is the owner and designer of a sunglasses brand named Elisa Johnson. They do sell their products for around 130 USD on average. Females, have a wide range of sunglasses. 

    Elisa JohnsonElisa Johnson enjoying time at the beach

She not just owns this brand – but does serve the purpose as a leading designer. Indeed, she must have got the backing from her father and sister as they are indeed very rich. However, it is Elisa who does indeed work very hard to make an impact in the very best way. She does also work as a model, which makes her impact even better. 

Social Media

Elisa Johnson has a huge base on social media, having over 404k followers on Instagram. One can see her magical life on her Instagram profile (@elisajohnson). It does also help her to promote the brand. She has indeed made a great impact in Facebook.

Net Worth

The net worth of Elisa is estimated at around USD 4 million (reportedly). Her father’s net worth is $620 million and growing. It does indeed tell how much she has to spend and make profits. Along with her father, Elisa does a lot of charity work. She is also famous on Facebook. 

Father: Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is one of the top basketball players of all time. Some do count him on the top 10 list, while others do see him as a top five star of all time in his beloved game. He is an NBA Hall Of Fame star. Magic was born on 14 August 1959 in Lansing, Michigan, United States. He is a five-time NBA champion who did play for Los Angeles Lakers, Magic M7 Borås and Magic Great Danes. In 1994, he did serve the purpose as the coach of the LA (Los Angeles) Lakers. He is a three-time NBA Finals MVP. Many do call him a wizard in basketball. He is one of the most famous sports stars of all time. 

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