Earnviews: 9 Top Tiktok Filters That Add Flair To Your Videos

Tiktok is an app with all-rounding in-built features. It won’t be this popular if it is meant to be an app only with the shooting and posting. The filters or effects are the ones that provide great hype for the platform. The people are crazy about tiktok filters. Some tiktokers will post videos as soon as the new filters are launched on the app. The audiences are eagerly waiting for every update on tiktok. Moreover, the algorithm will recognize their account quickly if a user uses a trendy filter. In addition, if you buy tiktok shares, promoting your profile is an added advantage. 

What Is A Tiktok Filter? 

Tiktok filters are visual elements that spice up your videos by addition of extensive colors, overlays, effects, texts, etc., The most trendy filter includes the technology of augmented reality. With AR filters, you can even change the face of a person. It can be fun and beautiful. In general, tiktok filters are of two types: Traditional presets and interactive effects. 

Top Tiktok Filters

  1. Ghost Filter 

This filter is used to make scary videos. You can see a ghost on your backside when clicking on the ghost filter on the tiktok app. It is a terrific filter, but some use it in their videos. You can open your tiktok app and shall search with ghost filter or #ghostfilter on the discover tab. Numerous tiktokers like gingerslunt, hannmyers, etc., have used this filter and have made the audience freak out with their videos. 

  1. Tongue Twisters Filter

Snapchat initially developed tongue twisters filters. When you enable this trend on tiktok, your face and tongue will rotate clockwise. Similarly, the tongue-out effect is also available. These filters are weird but more people are using and getting fame with these filters. 

  1. Nova Trend Filters

Have you ever watched a video on tiktok and wondered about its final results? If yes! this filter has a more significant contribution to your astonishment. This filter is used to cut out transition effects. So you don’t need Photoshop clicks to make your tiktok video the best. You need this filter alone. If you plan to improve your videos’ likes, then you can try using EarnViews, which shall uplift your organic traffic. 

  1. Disney Filter

Disney filter is quite fascinating! Using this filter, you can turn your face into a prince or princess of Disney cartoons. You can speak and record videos with a Disney’s face. It is becoming quite familiar on tiktok. There are more anime filters available on tiktok. You can utilize any one of them and shall enhance your video presence. 

  1. Trio And Tri-Section Filter

The trio is nothing, but when you shoot a video, the same person will appear as overlapping three persons. So, for example, if you perform a dance video with this filter, the same moves will be seen in three images. Whether in the case of a tri-section filter, the screen will be split into three sections. But the same character or scene will be seen in all the sections. So try using the filter and gain full-screen engagement. 

  1. Double-Screen Effect

Using this filter can divide the screen into two parts. This filter is slightly different from trio filters. It allows performing various activities on each screen. Most of the reaction videos and fun videos are done using this filter. The filter helps to showcase how to behave in two different situations or can be effectively used before and after transitions. 

  1. Time Warp Filter

The time warp is a panorama photo effect. A blue line will move down the screen and freezes the image, and more challenges and trends have been raised after the impact launch. Depending on the fastness of the movement of objects, you can create funny videos with this filter. 

  1. Green Screen Filter

A green screen filter will remove the background of your video. With a static image background, you can fit your photo or video. You shall choose whatever background you want. This filter makes your dreams in real-time and makes the impossible things happen. Creators prefer using these filters for their videos. 

  1. Horace Dancing Meme Filter

It is an entertaining and funny filter that can be applied to any background. For example, when you apply this filter, you can see a meme character dancing. You can also make dance challenges with that anime. People using this filter have got millions of likes and views within minutes. 


Tiktok provides ample opportunities where you can leverage the app and try to succeed in the tiktok environment. Once you find your groove, you shall create videos in no time! If you find any filters interesting, you can save them on your favorites. Creators can try to opt EarnViews and shall acquire significant growth. 

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