Drug Offenses: 3 Reasons to Hire an Attorney

FBI data shows police arrested more than one million people for drug law violations in 2020. Regardless of the crime, drug offenses can follow you around for the rest of your life. 

You must make informed decisions after an arrest to ensure minimal implications. Therefore, one of the best things to do is hire a drug offense lawyer. Keep reading to learn three reasons why hiring an attorney is the right thing to do.

1. Know Your Rights and the System

Most people don’t know their rights when the police arrest them. If you receive a first-time DUI or drugs first offense, you will probably feel scared above all else. You won’t be clear on what your rights are. 

In any legal case, it’s essential to know if police or other authorities ever violated your rights. Then, if they did violate your rights, the prosecution could not use the evidence against you. 

For example, if an officer searches your property without permission and finds drugs, they cannot use that evidence against you.

Specifically in drug-related cases, knowing your right can be the difference between facing severe consequences or walking away free. An attorney will determine if and when officers violated your rights.

2. Expert Knowledge of the Law

The justice system and laws are complicated and confusing. But drug offense lawyers have years of education and experience working with the system and laws. You save a lot of stress by working with an attorney who can help navigate you through the technicalities. 

Lawyers also have knowledge building a case similar to yours. However, making a lawsuit on your own will be time-consuming. And, you won’t have all the tools to use at your disposal that a lawyer will. 

An experienced drug offense attorney will know how to build a defense that works in your case. They may have already worked on a case almost identical to yours.

The criminal defense lawyers at Hickey & Chung have significant expertise in building a drug offenses defense. You want a team of attorneys like them working for you. It’s like having a small army on your side.

Additionally, lawyers usually have relationships with local prosecutors. They can use that relationship to negotiate a better deal or lower the bail amount for you.

3. Have an Advocate

When you’re going through a legal battle, it’s always good to have someone who will fight for your interests. A drug offense attorney will help you with your short-term and long-term goals.

The outside perspective of a lawyer will benefit the outcome of your case. Being on the defense can put you in an unfavorable position. With an attorney’s help, you can push for your best interests and not the State’s best interests.

Plus, a lawyer can significantly assist with first-offense felony drug charges or first offense drug trafficking. As a result, they have a greater likelihood of getting reduced or even dismissed. This is especially true if officers violate your rights. 

Having an advocate will give you emotional support as your case proceeds. But, you will also see financial benefits in the long run from reduced fines. 

Seek Out Help for Drug Offenses 

Fighting drug offenses in court alone is costly, time-consuming, and stressful. Always seek out legal assistance to defend you in your case. 

For more legal advice, check out the Legal section under Other.  

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