Different Types of Locks for Your Home Security

Over the past decade, the country has experienced fewer burglaries thanks to the advancements in door lock innovation. According to the FBI, the United States recorded 900,000 trespasser cases in 2020, one of the lowest. There’s no denying the role of door locks in continuing this trend while helping property owners maintain their privacy. The market today has a wide variety of locks, making it difficult to choose the most ideal for your needs. Birmingham Locksmith has an experienced and well-trained team, ready to offer advice and guidance as you choose a door lock for your home or business. Here are some different types of locks to consider for your home security.

Knob Locks

These are the most commonly found door locks used as the primary security method for most residential doors. Knob locks have an inbuilt lock cylinder, unlike other locks where the lock cylinder is located on the door. This feature makes the knob locks ideal for internal use rather than external use, where they can easily be broken into using specific lock-picking tools or a hammer. If you have a knob lock on an exterior door, consult a reputable locksmith in Gardendale  to minimize the risk of intrusion.

Cam Locks

Cam locks comprise fasteners attached to a cam or arm that locks the door when rotated. They are cylindrical and have a hole in one side to position the bolt. Although cam locks are usually found in vending machines, they can also be used in homes to secure cabinet doors without compromising the safety or aesthetics of your furniture. If you want to safeguard sensitive material in the cabinet, hire our professional locksmith in Gardendale to install a cam lock on all your cabinets.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are the perfect solution for more robust protection against intrusion or burglaries. They consist of lock bolts that move by turning the key or knob without a spring. This mechanism has proven effective against battering, drilling or other physical attacks compromising the lock’s structural integrity. Before installing a deadbolt lock in your home, we recommend hiring a reputable locksmith in Hoover to assess potential issues affecting the lock’s effectiveness A Quick Guide To Home Lock Replacement.


Padlocks are portable, unlike other locks that are permanently attached to a door. While padlocks come in a range of models, they are grouped into two categories: combination and keyed. Keyed padlocks also go in several subtypes: keyed differently, keyed alike and key able. It is not easy to recognize a specific type of padlock, but an expert locksmith in Hoover can help. We can consider different lengths and heights to determine the most appropriate for your locking needs.

Mortise Locks

If you want a perfectly suited lock for an external door, then mortise locks are the right choice. Mortise locks can house levers and knobs, providing more security than the typical cylindrical locks. These locks come in light and heavy-duty and consist of internal systems that make them locksets rather than just a lock.

For more information about different types of locks for your home, contact us at Birmingham Locksmith and schedule a consultation with our locksmith in Gardendale. We guarantee exceptional locksmith services at competitive market rates.

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