Detox and Rehab: Difference, Duration, and Benefits

Drug addiction and substance abuse can cripple a normal and healthy human body, leading to serious health risks. Unfortunately, many people who are used to taking heavy doses of drugs have difficulty getting these toxic substances out of their systems. However, addiction recovery is not easy and requires constant commitment and determination from a patient who wants to regain control of life.

When stepping on the healing journey, you must know the differences between detox and rehab facilities to get the most out of the recovery and treatment plan. If your loved one is facing a hard time and struggling with life to seek medical assistance, then carefully choosing a treatment plan is crucial. Exploring all options before making a decision can speed up the treatment of a loved one and cause long-lasting results.

Let us understand the differences between detox and rehab and who should go for addiction treatment.

What is Detox?

The early treatment option for overcoming addiction is detoxification, and its goal is to rid your body of toxic substances, including drugs and alcohol. Recovery requires sobriety, and detoxification serves this purpose.

What is Rehab?

The rehabilitation facility offers intensive residential treatment programs focusing on treating severe addictions. These programs require patients to stay at a clinic 24-hour under a controlled environment and medical assistance to overcome addictions. This treatment starts after the medical detox.

Several organizations are continuously trying to treat addicted individuals with drugs and alcohol. One such reputable institute is the Delphi Health Group, which offers a wide range of services to drug addicts. In addition, the facility has several experts who handle all levels of addiction while providing individualized treatment plans.

Duration of Detox vs. Rehab

Different addicts experience detox in different ways, so the duration varies according to them. This time varies based on several factors, including substance abuse, course of addiction, family history, methods of abuse such as smoking, injecting, snorting, or swallowing, and a patient’s medical condition.

Generally, detox lasts for 3 to 10 days on average. Alcohol addiction symptoms may level off within a week. On the other hand, drugs like Benzodiazepines require a longer detox and may need treatment for two weeks or longer.

Withdrawal symptoms aren’t pleasant, and the best way to stop drug withdrawal is under medical supervision. A typical rehab program usually runs from 28 days to 6 months. So, before going into a rehab facility, it is best to settle all your matters. You must talk to your employer and get approval for leave for treatment, find and plan arrangements for kids and family, and store your items allowed in rehab.

Cost of Detox vs. Rehab

Rehab typically costs more as compared to medical detox. As a first step towards treatment, detox does not require constant medical care and psychotherapy that are part of the residential rehabs. However, the price difference should not be the primary factor in choosing an addiction treatment route for you.

Benefits of Detox vs. Rehab

Detox cleanses the body of toxins and reduces withdrawal symptoms. By taking detox medications, you can strengthen your immune system and learn how to control your symptoms and behavior. Moreover, it lessens the chances of drug and alcohol cravings due to constant supervision and medications.

At rehabilitation centers, patients receive individualized therapy well suited for their needs. Staying at a medical facility 24 hours helps them engage in therapeutic activities while staying out of the reach of drugs and abusive substances. They receive psychiatric services and counseling to resume their everyday lives after recovery. Rehab programs equip patients with relapse prevention tools and practical life skills. In addition, patients are encouraged to build and strengthen a support network while participating in family therapy activities.

Remember that! Detox at home is dangerous and potentially deadly. Patients can develop serious health issues such as seizures and severe dehydration without medical supervision. Some withdrawals can prove fatal for you. For example, synthetic opiates, benzodiazepines, alcohol, and heroin lead to lethal withdrawals. In the worst-case scenario, when patients try to detox at home, either they succumb to death or end up relapsing shortly. Under medically supervised detox treatment, patients have lower risks of developing dangerous complications. However, common side effects of the withdrawal of drugs include insomnia, nausea, anxiety, mood swings, lack of sleep, and poor concentration.

Final Thoughts

Drug addiction is a chronic illness, and its recovery can even last for a lifetime. One of the most important factors that could speed up patients’ recovery is their family and friends.

The best decision you can make for your loved ones is to choose an individualized and suitable treatment plan for addiction recovery. Contact an addiction center and choose a treatment plan that could meet your loved one’s requirements. 

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