Common Mistakes in Writing Dissertation

When you’re in your final year of study, you probably think about your thesis everyday until you graduate. This is because your dissertation is the most important assignment and it determines if you’ll graduate with your classmates or wait until the next graduation date. For this reason, you need to take dissertation writing seriously, and ensure your paper truly reflects your intelligence and academic prowess. This is not to say you should struggle with the bulk of this assignment by yourself, you can reach out to to ensure you’ve got the professional guidance you need to do a great job.

In the beginning of the writing process, don’t freak out if you feel overwhelmed. It’s a natural feeling considering this is the first time you’re taking on an assignment of this magnitude. Over time, you will notice the overwhelming feeling fade away as you get used to writing. That’s why in the beginning of dissertation writing, you need a lot of discipline and dedication to overcome this weird phase. Failure to pull through might mean that you’re lagging behind with your project while others are almost completing theirs.

You don’t want to be the student who is behind schedule because this will demoralize you and further slow down the writing process. So, while you want to write the dissertation paper at your own pace, make sure you keep up with your classmates so that you can motivate each other to complete your projects in record time.

In this article, you discover common missteps that you should avoid as you work on your project. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Missing DissertationPreliminary Pages

Your dissertation paper is not ready for submission if the preliminary pages are missing. You might think they’re not important and ignore them, but this would be a grave mistake that can cost you a lot of points. So, as you focus on perfecting your paper’s main text, be sure to take time to compile your preliminary pages and include them in a chronological order.

Remember that since preliminary pages come before the dissertation’s main text, they set the tone for your report. If done correctly, your professor will ready your paper with an open mind, hoping for the best and willing to see the point you’re putting across.

Conversely, if you don’t include the preliminary pages or incorporate them without following the right order, your professor will have a negative impression about you from jump. And even if you had done a great job formulating your dissertation report, the first impression of your paper will blind them, preventing you from scoring the grade you worked so hard to deserve.

Every time you’re tempted to rush through the writing of your preliminary pages, remind yourself that they’re the first thing your professor sees before they get to the main text. Treat this as the introduction to the work that has taken you weeks to complete. Put as much effort to write the preliminary pages as you have to formulatethe entire dissertation. When the results are out, you will be glad you ensured these seemingly unimportant pages were included in the correct order.

Writing a Long Dissertation Abstract

Another mistake students make when working on their dissertation report is writing a longer than required abstract. Ideally, your abstract should not be longer than one page because then you’re just adding irrelevant information to boost the project’s wordcount.

While you have a lot of exciting information you want to include in the abstract, take a succinct writing approach that allows you to say every important detail without beating around the bush or repeating yourself. Consider going to Rank My Service to find a well-reputed writing service you can turn to if abstract writing feels like a challenge you cannot overcome without professional intervention.

If you’re having trouble containing all the information in a single-page abstract, keep reviewing it, cutting out any unnecessary information until you achieve your goal. Ensure you read it out loud because you judge the relevance of sentences better when you can hear what they sound like. If you still can narrow it down enough, read it to a friend and ask them the changes you can make to reduce the length of your abstract.

Wrapping Up

To find out more about the mistakes you can avoid when you’re working on your dissertation, consult with your supervisor. Also show them all the progress you’re making so that you don’t go too far with a mistake.

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