Common Mistakes Couples Make When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is a time-consuming and labour-intensive task. And, for most people, it is the first time they are planning a wedding. Quite naturally, with no previous experience or knowledge, it can be quite a complicated task, mainly because planning a wedding involves handling a variety of aspects and areas. 

From forgetting the small things to absolute blunders and the faux pas to avoid, we have listed the most common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid when planning a wedding. For couples who are planning a wedding anytime soon, simply keep these points in mind. It will help you seamlessly plan the “big day” of your life. The points cover almost every aspect of wedding planning. Read on and make for the perfect wedding event without any hassles or complications. 

The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Wedding

Here are the most common mistakes couples make when planning their weddings. Read about them and make sure you do not commit the same mistakes when planning your wedding. 

Planning Without Setting A Budget

This is not just a mistake; it is a blunder. Planning your wedding without setting a budget can be absolutely disastrous. It is the first thing that you must do before you do anything else related to the wedding event, be it booking a venue or even setting the date. Make sure you discuss the budget with your partner and then make any plans regarding the wedding. If your wedding budget is exceeding expectation and you cannot find another way but to spend more money, opt for a loan for your wedding with Cashify

Setting A Date Without Picking The Venue

A widespread mistake many couples make when planning their wedding is setting the date without choosing the venue. The biggest problem with this is the fact that most popular venues can be booked out even more than a year in advance. Along with that, there are fire codes and max occupancy policies for different venues. Always make wedding date announcements after you are done with making a deposit for a venue and securing the date.

Assuming that a certain number of guests will RSVP “no”

It is a typical wedding planning rule of old times where people considered that 10% of the guests will RSVP “no.” It can be somewhat true for larger weddings with the guest number being above 300 or so, but this theory might not be very accurate in the case of a more private and small wedding event. It is because your invite list has people who will show up. So you need to make plans accordingly and also ensure that you adhere to the venue’s fire codes and max capacity guidelines. 

Forgetting To Make A Rain Plan

You may have checked weather reports and have seen there are no chances of rain on your wedding day. However, you must never trust the weather when planning an outdoor wedding. Make sure you have a backup “rain plan,” just in case! 

Ending Note

That brings us to the end of this article. These mistakes are the most common ones, and you must avoid them to make the perfect wedding plan.

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