Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance: Brisbane’s Best Pick

Air conditioning systems are part of any business’s long list of essentials. A well-maintained commercial air conditioning system boosts productivity among employees as it promotes comfortable working conditions for everyone. 

Looking closer at the area, the commercial air conditioning maintenance service Brisbane, Australia, offers is trusted as the city is known to have a hot and humid climate. 

It is commonly suggested to have your air conditioning system serviced regularly, but how “regular” do we mean, exactly? Read on to learn more about commercial air conditioning maintenance.

How “Regular” Should I Avail a Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Service?

Like people, air conditioning systems also need regular maintenance, check-up, and services, depending on the factors listed below.

Age of Your Commercial Air Conditioning System

The age of the AC plays a vital role in scheduling any maintenance service. New ones require minimal maintenance. 

However, since other businesses have had AC systems operating for a few years now, it is best to have your systems professionally serviced at least twice a year.

It should be maintained appropriately to avoid problems during operation, and old ones may require additional servicing after long periods of use to ensure a smooth performance. 

Type of your Cooling System

The cooling system is an essential factor that you should consider when scheduling your maintenance service. The basic types of commercial air conditioning systems are Single Split Systems air conditioning, Multi Split Systems, and VRF/VRV Systems. 

Most of them have multiple complex internal and external components of a particular AC system. Because of this, exterior features require more frequent maintenance. 

Demand and Duration of Use of your Equipment

Frequent use of your AC and not availing of any maintenance service lead to a steady decline in your system’s performance. 

The following elements must be considered when scheduling maintenance service — how many people are in the room, how many hours the equipment is being used, and how frequently the outdoor temperatures fluctuate. 

The structure and materials used in the building or establishment also affect the AC’s efficiency, alongside its properly-done insulation. 

It is crucial to plan your commercial air conditioning maintenance. Brisbane is a bustling city with employees needing a comfortable working environment, and air conditioners play vital roles in maintaining this.

Electrical and Other Emergency Issues

There will be times when even new AC systems suddenly experience electrical issues like burnt-out fan motors, failed capacitors, and tripped circuit breakers. 

It is recommended to avoid trying to troubleshoot or fix your electrical problems as there are certified professionals who are trained to handle these matters.

Brisbane commercial electrical services are crucial in maintaining a sound and running air conditioning system in a business city. A sudden and prolonged electrical issue affects the overall mood of workers and, ultimately, their productivity and performance. 

Commercial AC Maintenance Checklist

After identifying the factors that affect how “regularly” one should have his/her/their commercial air conditioning system be serviced, a complete checklist of what to inspect is listed below. 

Checking and Replacing your Filters

An air conditioner has several components that work together to function and provide a comfortable environment for people. 

To improve your equipment’s performance and efficiency, ideally lowering the air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5%-10%, it is essential to routinely clean and replace your filters. 

Dirty and clogged filters reduce the amount of air flowing and can negatively affect other parts of the AC. Also, air bypassing the filter can bring dirt to the evaporator coil, damaging its heat-absorbing capacity.

It is important to note that other filters are reusable while others are not and must be replaced. There are online and physical stores that offer these products. 

Cleaning and replacing your filters once a month or twice during the cooling season is recommended. Still, more frequent attention is needed when the AC is in constant use, placed in a dusty environment, or in business establishments with the presence of fur-bearing pets.

Protecting Your Coils

Air conditioners have two coils — evaporator and condenser coil. These two collect dirt over time, reducing airflow and, ultimately, its ability to absorb heat due to insulation. Checking and cleaning it every year at the minimum or necessary avoids this problem.

Some companies place part of their AC systems outside their buildings and near vents, trees, or plants. It is imperative to trim plants back at least 2 feet, remove any existing and possible debris, and clean the coil’s area to allow sufficient airflow.

Combing Your Coil Fins

These aluminum fins can be observed on evaporator and condenser coils, which are crucial in maintaining adequate airflow. A “fin comb” tool will comb these fins and bring them back to their original state.

Inspecting Your Condensate Drains

Clogged drains restrict the air conditioner from lowering humidity, resulting in moisture absorption that may stain your walls and/or carpets. It is vital to examine so that the inside of your rooms will not be harmed.

Finding the Best Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Although it is good practice to learn and do things independently, settling for an excellent company with skilled professionals to help with our air conditioning situations is a game-changer. 

For commercial air conditioning companies, Brisbane brags a long list of the best businesses that offer high-quality service at the most reasonable prices. 

Haines Electrical Services is an Australia-based company that takes pride in providing top-notch service to customers through its excellent and capable licensed electricians. They offer reliable appointments and quality products that satisfy customers’ back up. 

Aside from that, Haines Electrical Services also proudly offers commercial electrician services. Brisbane’s climate situation is a worry for many businesses. 

It is almost impossible to work on a sweltering day, and other electrical issues arising during working hours may interrupt the whole business operation for minutes, hours, or even days.

For customers residing outside Brisbane but are looking for a commercial electrician, Ipswich is also home to Haine Electrical Services.

Summing It All Up

Regardless of the type of air conditioning system you have, it is important to choose the best maintenance service possible. Asking for professional help goes to the heart of your business and the health of your commercial air conditioning system. 

The mechanical lifetime of your equipment will be increased as a result. On the other hand, it will help to avoid and detect any problems that might have an impact on your company; in a nutshell, it will save you money in the long run.

If you wish to learn more about the commercial air conditioning maintenance Brisbane offers, Hanes Electrical Services is happy to answer your queries and provide guidance. Contact them now!

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