Church Online: How to Develop Your Church’s Digital Strategy

In the digital age of media, it’s never been easier to reach a broader audience with the message of Christ. Having a strong church digital strategy is even more important in the wake of a global pandemic. Folks are interacting online now more than ever. 

Not only is it easy to connect with people online, but there are also many benefits for your church. Here are some ways taking your church online will help grow your church and some tools to use to make that happen. 

Get Connected

Social media and online interaction have become an essential part of life for people around the world. Roughly 85% of those with internet service use social media regularly. 

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been around for a while. You most likely have a church social media account on one or more of these platforms. If you’re not posting regularly, you are missing an opportunity to engage with your congregation and beyond. 

Increase Church Attendance

While it’s important to keep up with the times in regards to a digital strategy, you’re not doing this just to look hip and cool. A strong digital presence helps you reach a broader audience which can lead to an increase in church attendance. When folks can interact with your church through various means, they are far more likely to visit in person. 

Digital Tools

So what exactly are these digital tools that will help your church? Outside of having thriving social media accounts, there are other ways to draw people into your website and then into your church:

Create a Church Podcast

There are over 2 million podcast shows available and half of all homes in the U.S. have declared that they are big podcast fans. This is over 60 million homes. With an active podcast, you can engagingly reach folks.

Whether it’s the pastor, associate pastor, staff member, or a motivated church member with time and skill, you can create a podcast that talks about scripture, church messages, or hot topics of the day and how they relate to the church. 

Having a podcast is also a great way to show believers and unbelievers alike what the church, and YOUR church specifically, is doing to reach out to the community or handle social justice.

Create an Online Church Service

During the global pandemic, many churches found it necessary to make their church services available online. If you have not already done so, this is a great way to share your church and your message with a larger group of people. For folks who live nearby, it allows them to check out your church and feel “involved” long before they step through your door. 

For those who have never been to church or haven’t been in a long time, watching a service online allows them to take a small step toward attending in person. 

Start a Blog

Just like having a podcast, having a blog on your website helps you share your thoughts about current events and topics in scripture in a new and engaging way. Websites like are a great example of how to have a thorough digital presence. 

Take Your Church Online

With a strong social media presence, online services, and a wide variety of ways to share your thoughts on current affairs, you can reach a large number of people. This can do miraculous things for church attendance, but you also never know the number of people around the world you can bless and inspire with the message of Christ. Taking your church online is easy and effective!

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