Bed linings or bed pads are essential in managing incontinence in older adults or seepage from tubes. They are placed under the person to absorb urine and are made of a rectangle or square-shaped absorbable material. These pads are designed to protect the mattress from urine damage. They come in two forms, washable bed pads, and disposable bed liners.

What Are Washable and Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads?

Washable pads, as it is mentioned in the name can be used multiple times as they can be washed and dried after use. They help save the environment with fewer throwaways but are also expensive and can be tedious to clean on busy days and also while traveling. If not cleaned properly, they might be unhygienic too. A better alternative is disposable bed linings.

Disposable bed pads or linings are made using similar material as other disposable bed sheets or chair pads. They have a single absorbency capacity and the absorbance varies depending on the pad makers. They come in blue or white PE film backings. Some of the designs include wings that can be tucked into the bed to maintain a sturdy hold. They can also be used below the bedsheets for extra protection during long nights. Disposable bed pads are used in hospitals, child and adult-care facilities, old age homes, houses with toddlers, and also by parents traveling with children who have not learned to control their urine. Apart from this, you can discover more about the different types of beds here if you are planning to buy a new one.

Features of Disposable Bed Linings

As the name mentions, these bed pads are designed for single use, and they are available in different shapes and sizes. They have a line of PE film on the bottom that makes it waterproof to protect the liquid from seeping into the mattress. The top part of the bed pad is made of soft material like cotton to ensure the comfort of the users. The cotton is also laced with a tear-proof material to ensure that the pad does not rip, especially while holding the liquid. The middle layer consists of materials like the glut of tissue that absorbs and stores fluids.  

How to Choose the Right Disposable Bed Pads?

While buying disposable bed pads in bulk, it is important to consider all its features and buy the one that is best suited for one’s needs. These are a few things to consider.

1)    Based on the material, size, and strength of the backing

The back lining is one of the most important parts of the bed pad as it prevents leakage. Therefore, one must ensure that it is made of good material and it goes past at least 10 inches off the absorption area all around. The color of the back lining is based on one’s preference, but some companies indicate the capacity of absorption through color. Sizes depend on the user, where bigger ones must be used for adults as compared to the ones used for toddlers. Good quality materials wick away the moisture from the skin making the pad dry and comfortable.

2)    Absorption Capacity  

The water-absorbent polymer concentration present under the lining indicates the absorption ability of the pad. More the concentration, more the absorption. This is not indicative of size. A small and a large bad pad can have the same concentration of water-absorbent polymer. Therefore, one must go for the absorption ability and not the size.

3)    Speed of Absorption

Good quality bad linings take into consideration the sudden rush of urine that features different types of incontinence. These absorb the urine quickly and prevent leakage due to overflow.

Good quality and well-designed disposable bed liners fulfill all these requirements at a reasonable price.

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