Car Glass Water Repellent: What Is It and How to Choose?

Car glass water repellent creates a water-resistant or hydrophobic coating on the car’s glass and mirrors, improving safety by increasing visibility and helping the wiper blades do their job better. In the article, we will review some important points concerning car glass water repellent and discuss what you should pay attention to when choosing this product, and also recommend checking out the online car auction in the USA, where you can buy, without having a license to participate, used cars with delivery. So, let’s get started.

What Is a Car Glass Water Repellent

Rain repellent contains a mixture of solvent, alcohol, and polymers. The principle of its operation is quite easy. The agent fills irregularities on the glass surface, the alcohol evaporates, and a very smooth protective layer is formed. This is an invisible polymer film that prevents water from spreading, reducing the area of ​​contact with the glass to a minimum. As a result, water collects in balls, which quickly slide off the surface under the influence of air currents. Thus, the windshields and mirrors remain clean. Moreover, the higher the speed, the more noticeable the effect.

Why Use Rain Repellents When There Are Wiper Blades?

You can reduce the wiper blades’ wear and tear by using them less often. Besides all that, you don’t need to turn them on at a speed of over 80 km/h if you use a rain repellent.

This product also allows you to save on the washer in the off-season when, in addition to precipitation, dirt flies on the glass from under the wheels of cars passing by. The vehicle in general looks neater, and in the dark, there are no reflections on the glass from rain or sleet if you use the rain repellent.

How to Prepare a Car for a Rain Repellent

A dirty surface will make it difficult for the protective layer to bond, so the agent won’t work for long. Before applying it, the glass must be thoroughly cleaned. The label always states how to prepare the surface: simply with water, a soapy solution, or a grease cleaner. In the last case, it will be necessary to re-wash the glass with a large amount of water after 5-10 minutes. Then the surface should be dried.

It’s better to use a rain repellent in windless, dry weather but not in direct sunlight. Also, consider the lower application temperature threshold indicated on the label.

How to Choose a Rain Repellent

Pay special attention to the expiration date. On the label of any manufacturer, the period for which the anti-water effect should be sufficient is indicated. Its duration depends entirely on the composition of the product. There are one-component, two-component, and three-component repellents. The rule is simple: the more elements, the longer the coating lasts. 

The number of components will also affect the price. On average, two-component options can last 3-6 months. Manufacturers of three-component products promise an effect of up to one year. One-component ones work much less–only a week or two.

Types of Car Glass Water Repellents

The composition of a repellent determines both the price and duration of the effect, as well as its quality. There are structures based on nanotechnology or with silicone and fluorinated usage.

The first option is considered the most effective and the most expensive. This product contains high-performance components that form a monolithic coating when applied to glass. The advantage is that such mixtures repel not only water but also dust, dirt, and oil. The second product type has a weak degree of protection against rain since silicone doesn’t form a chemical bond with the glass. The third option copes well with water during the first month and then requires repeated applications.

Another factor that is important to consider is the form of the repellent. The main types are as follows: liquid form, spray, tissue with impregnation, ampule, and liquid in the washer tank. Hydrophobic agents differ in cost-effectiveness depending on the form. Due to the dispenser, sprays are usually used longer than liquids. The same logic works with the ampule, which prevents accidental spillage or overuse of the product.

The repellent format completely determines the method of its application and requires a different amount of time for processing. For instance, to use the ampule, the driver must read the instructions and follow them step-by-step. While sprays with a dispenser and wipes are quite easy to use. You only need to distribute the product on a clean surface. The simplest option is to pour the repellent liquid into the washer tank.

The Bottom Line

Having convinced yourself of all the positive properties, you will want to buy this amazing tool for your car. Water repellents will help you keep your vehicle perfectly clean for a long time and will make your driving safer. The main point here is to choose the best agent that will suit you and your car, especially since today there are rather a huge number of different car water repellent manufacturers.


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