Can I Swim with my Wig?

Summer’s here, and we all know what that means! Long, relaxing days by the beach enjoying our dripping ice cream cones, building sandcastles, and of course, taking that much awaited dip in the big blue sea.

But just because us girls are about to have the sun and sea summer of our dreams, doesn’t mean we need to compromise on looking our best and most stylish selves! From the outfits to the hair, there’s a lot that goes into achieving the perfect beach look and we wouldn’t want the sand to ruin it. And for those of us who wear hair wigs, there’s bound to be only one question on our minds: can I swim with my wig?

And the answer is yes, of course you can! Remember, just because you started wearing a wig doesn’t mean that your life is going to change. You can still do all of the things you loved – yes, even swimming – just with more style!

Of course, there are some tricks of the trade to make sure that you have a wonderful time while swimming with your wig on, here, I’ll let you in on my secrets:

  • Do a Test Run

Nothing like a test run, am I right? While it’s completely possible to swim with your wig on, it might not be everyone’s piece of cake – to each their own, I suppose. And the best way to find out where you stand on swimming with a wig on is to take it out for a test run!

Pick out a wig, wear it, and see how it holds in water. There are a couple of ways you could do this, the best of which is to submerge it in water if you have a large enough bathtub. If you don’t, then you could always stand under a shower.

This is a great opportunity to try out a couple of different attachment styles – test adhesive glue and waterproof tape so you know which method works best for you.

  • Be Smart – go for the Mediocre Ones

While we all want to rock our best wigs and get stunning photographs on the beach, it’s probably smart not to wear your best wig while going swimming. Instead, pick out one that’s a bit more on the mediocre side.

This by no means means that you should wear a worn-down wig, but just not to wear your most coveted one because it can easily suffer a bit of wear and tear. I mean, wigs suffer wear and tear in everyday activities too, but with swimming you’ve got to be extra careful.

The sea’s natural salts have an incredibly drying effect, and it’s bound to take a toll on your wig. To minimize damage, not only should you choose a mediocre wig, but it’s also best to opt for a synthetic one over one made of human hair.

  • The Length is your Friend

When swimming with a wig on there’s one crucial detail to remember: the longer your wig, the better. This is because longer wigs can be arranged in protective hairstyles such as buns and braids, giving you that extra boost of security that you’ll need while swimming.

And not only will this help you keep the wig on, but it’ll also prevent your wig from becoming matted or tangled. With short wigs, you run the risk of them getting dismantled form their spots and getting in the way when you’re swimming. But at the end of the day, it’s all up to personal preference.

  • Swimming Caps are the Way to go – the Only Way!

A little extra protection never hurt anybody, right? Well, if you’re particularly worried about your wig getting ruined while you’re taking a dip in the sea, then swimming caps are the way to go.

Just wear a swimming cap as you normally would, and you’ll have that extra bit of security. And don’t worry, swimming caps may be tight and secure, but they won’t ruin your wig at all. After all, they’re there to support.

Remember, swimming is all about relaxing and having fun, so if a swimming cap is what you need to be at peace, then a swimming cap it is!

  • Wash and Condition

Swimming with a wig doesn’t end once you’ve exited the water – the care process continues long after that. Your first line of action to preserving your wig’s condition and quality should be to thoroughly wash and condition your wig after every swim.

Make sure to use shampoo and conditioner that is safe for use on wigs – particularly think about using a hydrating conditioner since swimming would have had a drying effect on your wig. Not only will using the right ingredients protect form further damage, but they’ll also help restore your wig to its original condition – or at least close to it!

Once you’ve washed and condition, place your wig on a wig stand and let it dry naturally. Oh, and if you have a wig cap then make sure to wash it too so no leftover residue transfers.

So, swimming with a wig on is really no big deal. The first time may be daunting, but once you’ve got accustomed to it it’ll be as if you’re swimming with your natural hair – it’ll be that effortless and simple, and rewarding!

All you need to do is to give your wig the proper care and attention that it deserves and if you follow these tips then you already know you’re going to do a great job. So, happy swimming it is!

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