Can I Learn Arabic Calligraphy Online?

Arabic calligraphy is a tool originally used for communication and preserving the Qur’an. Over time, calligraphy became an integral element of Arabic architecture, decorations, and coin design. If you’re interested in Arabic calligraphy, you can enroll in a reputable program that teaches the language and its artistic practices. Here’s an overview of how to learn Arabic online and more concerning Arabic calligraphy:

Learning Arabic Language and Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy is an artistic practice that combines calligraphy and handwriting based on the cursive Arabic alphabet. You’ll need blank white paper, black ink, and reed pens to study and practice Arabic calligraphy. Complete beginners should start with learning the Arabic alphabet and language before moving to artistic practices like calligraphy. You can choose an introductory course for calligraphy if you’re already versed with the Arabic language and alphabet. 

Arabic calligraphy is linked to various fields in the Arabic culture, including religion, architecture, art, craftsmanship, and education. Islamic calligraphy is often in classic Arabic, so most Arabic calligraphy is Islamic, but the two have distinctions. When learning Arabic calligraphy, you’ll encounter Coptic and Christian manuscripts written in Arabic and Islamic calligraphy in Persian. Other scrips are in historic Ottoman dialects.

Because of the different manuscripts and languages, learning Arabic should be your starting point. Arabic calligraphy is usually part of the course featured under modules examining Arabic culture, art, and history. Thanks to online classes, you can learn Arabic and calligraphy without leaving home. You only need a reliable online Arabic school with certified courses and a verifiable brick-and-mortar campus.

Learning Arabic Calligraphy Styles Online

Learning Arabic calligraphy is effortless since all you need is interest and a reputable online school. You’ll encounter standard calligraphy styles like Naskh and Reqaa, taught at elementary schools throughout most Arabic countries. Once you master the standard techniques, you can learn more complex calligraphy like Dewani, Thuluth, Farisi, and Kufic. All styles are easy to learn online from your smartphone.

When learning Arabic calligraphy styles online, you’ll get a short course introducing you to the different styles. Many classes take a few weeks for each type, where you learn each technique’s calligraphy tools and characteristics. You’ll also learn the rules of writing letters and how to write short and long words using each style. The Arabic writing system is cursive and takes a different process compared to languages like English.

Learning Arabic calligraphy online will introduce you to various resources, including CDs, PDFs, and videos. Some courses include a tutor you can communicate with through Skype or other video conferencing platforms. You can study at your own pace during your free time and receive coaching and corrections in real-time. The best programs also provide official certificates after completing each course.

Where to Learn Arabic Online

Learning Arabic calligraphy shouldn’t be a problem with so many online courses. You can quickly sign up for an online course, download learning materials and videos, and begin practice. The first step is finding a reputable school that allows you to learn Arabic online. Not all online courses you may encounter will provide the credentials you are looking for, so you must review each offer carefully. Stick to reputable schools with credible certificates. Here are some highlights of top courses:

  • Themed around core concepts, ideas, and real-life situations
  • Focused on enhancing your understanding of the Arabic culture
  • Customized to allow a flexible, self-paced learning process
  • Supplemented using historical facts and actual manuscripts
  • Illustrated and animated for easy and quick learning
  • Exhaustive and comprehensive to cover all key concepts

You can learn Arabic calligraphy anywhere, anytime. The best schools have a portal you can access 24/7 to download resources. You can also leverage live support and demo videos to learn during your free time. Online lessons are structured for convenience and quick learning. The best way to learn Arabic calligraphy is to practice it often. Once you have the blank papers, inks, and demo videos, practice the different styles using manuscripts from various regions.

Online Arabic Calligraphy Lessons Key Takeaways

You can learn Arabic online by choosing a credible school authorized to teach the language and issue professional certificates. The best schools have online courses backed by brick-and-mortar classrooms with experienced teachers. Choose schools that offer comprehensive courses in the Arabic language, including introductory, intermediate, and advanced modules. The school should also feature flexible lessons and colloquial, MSA, and Islamic Arabic language courses.

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