Buying Instagram Followers: Why It’s a Bad Idea?

With over one billion active users per month, Instagram has significantly risen in popularity over the years. What was previously used to share photos has grown into a giant platform used for diverse purposes. From marketers to business owners to bloggers, you will see many different kinds of people nurturing and growing a community of followers and sharing content. 

With so much buzz around the social media application, now is the perfect time to create a public account. Once you have established the core purpose of your account, you need to consider certain aspects. The most important is to build and grow a base of followers. Depending on your goals, a steady increase in followers means you are doing well. If you already own an account by now, you must have gotten ads that offer a certain number of followers for a particular price. 

As tempting as that sounds, the real question is, should we go down the rabbit hole of fake followers? The simple answer is no. If you want to understand why real Instagram followers are preferable to inorganic growth and a fake community, read ahead as we share everything you need to know. 

It will impact your engagement

Regardless of what you hope to achieve with your Instagram account, one of the most critical metrics of success is engagement. Every time you share a post or publish a story, are your followers interacting with your material? Are they liking, commenting on what you posted? If yes, this means your content is good. 

On the other hand, buying fake followers has a direct negative impact on your engagement. Since such followers are mostly bot accounts created to increase numbers, they do not actually interact with your content. They will not leave comments on your posts or like and share them, which defeats the purpose. 

If you are positioning your blog as an influencer account, you need to showcase positive and meaningful engagement for brands and companies to collaborate with you. Having thousands of followers but next to zero likes on your posts will make it evident that your community is inorganic and fake. All of this will, in turn, reduce the credibility of your account and will make it appear deceitful to the larger audience. 

There is a high risk of improper comments appearing under your posts

Running an account that is filled with paid followers not only runs the risk of low engagement but also inappropriate engagement. Bot accounts typically do not leave a reply on pictures and posts, but often when they do, they are very generic and automated. You may have noticed a random reply on a public account that says ‘nice post’ or ‘good picture.’ Upon further investigation into the commenter, most likely, you will realize that it’s a fake account. The same could happen to you. 

These comments are posted without actually reading the caption or the subject of the photo and could result in the wrong messaging. You could be talking about something profound and meaningful and could receive inappropriate comments that do not match the topic. 

Fake followers often end up leaving political comments as well as those marketing some monetary scheme which creates unnecessary clutter and spam under any given post. Not only does this make your brand look bad, but it also increases the work that you would need to put in to clean up such comments. 

It is against Instagram’s policies 

If you haven’t gotten a chance to review Instagram’s community guidelines, we recommend that you take a look. The platform has always prioritized authentic user experience, which is why they have put together some strict regulations that do not support fake accounts. 

To keep a proper check and balance, Instagram hunts down fake accounts and bans them from the network. It also regularly monitors activity and removes any interaction that seems fake or against their guidelines. In doing so, moderators of the application can even remove accounts that showcase such activity and fake followers. 

This is why you should avoid this practice altogether because you might end up paying a significant amount of money but to no avail. Your followers may suddenly disappear because Instagram removed them, or worse, your account may get deleted altogether. 


While numbers look great in theory, Instagram is not a rat race that requires you to have millions of followers to be successful. Turning to paid fake followers may seem very tempting, but this practice should be avoided at all costs. Not only will this impact your performance metrics, but it will ruin your brand credibility. Focus on producing high-quality content and nurturing an organic community of loyal followers and you will be able to pick up the pace and grow quickly. 

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