Buyer’s Guide For Parking Lot Led lights 

You should consider converting to LED lighting if you own a commercial building. These lights outperform more conventional lighting techniques and are especially beneficial for parking lots.

The harsh environmental conditions do a lot of damage to the lighting in parking lots. Due to this, they now require more maintenance in order to continue functioning properly and guarantee the safety of pedestrians leaving parking lots.

One significant benefit of using led lights for parking lot is the increased energy savings, but there are other benefits as well. Unless specifically designed to do so, LED lights do not emit UV radiation. This keeps bugs out of the parking lots and improves the quality of life for pedestrians and bystanders.

The durability of LED lights is considerably higher than that of other lighting technologies, making them more important and low-maintenance and damage resistant. LEDs provide more than they take as a result. What further justification is there for choosing LED lights over other types?

What can be challenging is how to add LED lights to the existing lighting system. You might be interested in learning everything there is to know about the procedure, key elements, ideal starting point, and more. Continue reading as we provide a comprehensive buyer’s guide for LED parking lot lights.

How do LED parking lot lights work?

LED Parking Lot Lights are parking lot lighting fixtures that are made with light-emitting diode LED technology. LED technology offers significant energy savings as well as higher light quality.

This one may seem apparent, but what may be overlooked is that, while we name them parking lot lights, they are actually all-purpose area lights. They can also be used for flood lighting and sports illumination. The possibilities are almost limitless.

How do you choose the ideal layout for your parking lot?

Choosing the appropriate optic for your needs cannot be stressed enough. The appropriate optic, or distribution pattern, might mean the difference between a project’s success and failure.

A parking lot’s ideal illumination only contributes to the safety of its patrons and staff. The overall result you are aiming for is a parking lot that is well-lit all throughout.

Making a lighting plan is a key to choosing the appropriate light and pattern. A lighting plan models areas like parking lots using specialist software, add poles and shoebox fixtures, and then computes light levels and distribution.

When we design lighting designs for our customers, we typically use fixtures with Type three and Type five lenses.

Parking lot Type III lighting distribution

This distribution plan is intended for the parking lots and main thoroughfares. They are narrower than Type II but higher than Type II. It is the ideal option for lighting the perimeter of the parking lot.

Parking lot Type V light distribution

Because of the circular nature of this distribution pattern, it produces an equal quantity of light everywhere. It is ideal for rooms that require a lot of uniform lighting. It works perfectly for poles installed in the middle of parking lots.

Is it necessary to modify or not?

When you want to change your bulbs without having to replace the light fixture, retrofit kits come in handy.

The new LED lights include all of the necessary equipment to replace the existing fixture. A light fixture with a slip fitter, trunnion, or new arm is included in the kit.

However, you may have a condition in which changing the light fixture entirely is not an option. If you have properly functioning and well-maintained fixtures, retrofitting is the best option.

Retrofitting allows you to replace an existing bulb/ballast with new LED lights within the same fixture. If you have made a significant investment in a light, it makes great sense. If you invested a lot of money on a light fixture and a replacement fixture wouldn’t work, it makes perfect sense. I suggest you to led lights for the parking lot View on Lepro.

Reasons to Use Led Lights For Parking Lot

This one may be clear, and if so, you may go to part 3. There are several reasons why you should go for LED Parking Lot Lights:


LED lighting provides cheaper energy and maintenance expenses. LED lights typically have a useful life of 100,000 hours. This means you won’t have to replace them as frequently as HID lights, which need to be replaced every 5 to 25 years.

Savings on Energy

They are 70% more energy-efficient than HID, saving you thousands of dollars in energy costs. (300 watts in place of 1000 watts) LEDs may produce up to 140 lumens per watt. Lumileds 5050 are used in the Nextgen XT.

Quality of Light

Another reason to use LED lights is the light quality. These lights have a higher Color Rendering Index value, ranging from 50 in metal halide to around 75 in LED. Starting at 20 in the orange high-pressure sodium (HPS)! There is also no buzz or flicker, which is referred to scientifically as Total Harmonic Distortion ( THD). Because of their reduced THD, they are safer and gentler on the eyes. 


The old crates don’t exactly keep the property appearing fresh and inviting. It may not matter in the back of the warehouse, but it does in retail and other customer-facing areas. The new LED lights are more inviting and give the area a more modern appearance.

Simple to Manage

No upkeep for the next 20 years? Please, yes. The fact that there are no ballasts or bulbs to replace sells it right there. You may brighten or darken certain regions by focusing on them. There are several reasons why you would want to adjust the brightness of the lights. It might be to adhere to the local lighting regulations or to reduce light pollution. With HID lights, you don’t have this option.


One of the reasons for choosing LED parking lot lights is safety. Parking lots that are poorly illuminated might be hazardous to everyone. If the lot is not adequately illuminated, everything from residences for different crimes to unexpected traffic accidents might occur. People will feel safer in your parking lot, and consumers will be more inclined to stop by. If the parking lot is poorly lighted, it is simple to use high-output LED lights to make it safer and brighter while also saving electricity. Additionally, it works well with CCTV. If an accident happens, the surveillance video can clearly catch the occurrence.

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