Blue Meanies- Get Complete Details Here About This Shroom Variety

If you are all set to experience something new, blue meanies are all that you need now.

Today they are considered one of the most powerful magic mushrooms found on the earth.

Blue meanies, in the present time, have become widely popular in many provinces where to sell and buy and to use it has become legalized.

Readout this post to get aware of every important thing about this variety of magic mushrooms you are unknowledgeable.

Introduction to Blue meanies-

Blue meanies are also called Panaeolus Cyanecens. It is a kind of magic mushroom that generates powerful hallucinogenic effects.

As stated, they are considered one of the most powerful shrooms for the reason that they contain triple or double the usual quantity of psilocybin.

For those who aren’t shroomed expertise, psilocybin is a compound that generates hallucinogenic effects.

That compound is produced in abundance into Blue meanies magic mushroom. The shrooms produce different blue colors all along the branch.

Where do they cultivate?

Blue meanies are compost-loving fungus.

Though this may seem to be sickening it is a primary medium for most hallucinogenic mushrooms. These shrooms are inhabitant too hot to subtropical climates including- Southeast Asia, Central America, South America, Africa, Mexico, the USA, and Australia.

Those who are living in northern latitudes like Canada; can shop for this variety of magic mushrooms from an online shroom dispensary as an alternative to foraging those.

Its effects-

The best thing about Blue meanies magic mushroom is that it can be consumed.

After you intake your mushrooms, it is time to stay back and enjoy it. After 1 to 3 hours, you will possibly notice a vigorous physical feeling and a hustle of ecstasy.

The beginning is powerful. This mushroom generates powerful effects which surprise the most seasoned mushroom enthusiast.

They come on heavy and you are any other user will find into the middle of excursion before being familiar with what is going on.

Blue meanies magic mushrooms are distinguished for their hallucinogenic traits. As the effects turn out to be powerful, you will note that the vision becomes highly powerful.

Because of the overwhelming nature of this magic mushroom variety, you need to consume this powerful shroom in your home and sitter to aid you.

Overall, the effects of these shrooms can last for about 6 hours to 18 hours or even more based upon how you use them.

Following is the list of some effects which you may experience after taking it and they are:

  1. Serene
  2. Social
  3. Giggly
  4. Creative
  5. Uplifted
  6. Serene

Ways to consume it-

1-Directly chew it and gulp down-

You can chew them completely to let full juice come out, consume roughly 45 minutes before beginning with working, and based upon the stomach content and the less you eat, the better it is and it is suggested to avoid food for several hours.

2-Have a cup of tea-

Tea is another form of taking this magic mushroom. The compressor chops up those and puts them in the teapot. After the water gets boiled up, put those shrooms into your teapot. Allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes and stir it. Strain and serve those.

3-Psilocybin edibles-

Add it to the food will allow you to experience its great taste as well as the sensation of queasiness. Avoid adding those at the time of cooking. Pouring those on the top of your pizza and baking will give you the inferior tripping sensation. 


They offer a user the choice to microdose the magic mushrooms. Grinding them in a mixer and pouring the powder into the capsule can make magic mushrooms capsules on their own easily.

Health benefits of using magic mushrooms-

1-They are good at alleviating depression-

The naturally occurring psychoactive compounds found in it are called to alleviate depression symptoms like irritability, mood swings, sadness, and general discontent. In addition to making better anxiety, the compounds into it elicit happiness, peacefulness, and calmness. This can translate to social benefits like unreservedness, a better sense of relationship, and an enhanced viewpoint of life. Because of their mood-enhancing qualities, they are adopted as a psychotherapy tool that can be used in cancer treatment. Also, those diagnosed with clinical depression can get benefit from those shrooms.

2-They help to improve OCD-

A few clinical trials have shown that shrooms’ doses enhance OCD symptoms. The compounds found in it helps in alleviating the persistent and unwanted behaviors that result from OCD. Psilocin and Psilocybin interact with serotonin receptors inside the brain changes the binding action.

3-Reduces inflammation as well as cluster headaches-

Blue meanies are well-known for activating neuro connectors inside the brain to lessen inflammation as well as cluster headaches. The commencement reset receptors to the vigorous networks to lessen the reactions causing inflammations. These shrooms have been found to interrupt cluster headache cycles when consumed.

4-They are helpful for those with addiction-

Blue meanies are used since the 50s to help individuals to conquer addictions. The mind-manifesting effects generally show the way to encourage sobriety. Despite it is an alcohol addiction or tobacco or any other substance, this variety of shrooms can be useful in controlling several forms of addiction. They are safe to use and have low toxicity and they can trigger long-term changes in both performance and thoughts.


Ultimately you have got familiar with all the important things about Blue meanies. If you are not planning to shop it, let me tell you that you should search for a genuine seller online that is having a strong client base and can guarantee you the supplying of superlative quality magic mushroom so that you can get the health benefits stated previously. Also, you can compare the reviews and cost and all important aspects between at least 2 or 4 sites so that you can come to the right verdict. No doubt you will conclude the shopping happily.

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