Billboard and Twitter Pair Up for New Most-Tweeted Songs Chart

It feels as Billboard has taken the new step to add something creative in their platform that does make them special as they have paired up with Twitter for making list of most tweeted son and it would have the list coming on both Billboard and Tweeter. Billboard US Twitter would help a singer or shaw in a Bloomberg manner.

As of now it is just for the US – but they are soon planning it to make global.

It would appreciate the work of many singers and music industry people around the world, who do have great following, but do not have the tool for making the mega impact. It does tell a lot about Billboard and the impact they have done.
It is a dream of every person making songs that it should come on the list of Billboard, forget about being number 1 as coming to the list is just the creative thing to have. Hence, it does tell about Billboard and the impact it has created from ages and the pairning up with Tweeter that does help the musicians to promote the song or the album. Hence, it does show how this social media platform does even help to generate more hits on YouTube, Sportify and other platforms of music libraries. Hence, Billboard has taken the massive decision to pair up Tweeter and create a new chart that would list the most Tweeted songs on the mega social media platform that would help to create a list.

This is indeed what tells how the social media world is changing the traditional names like Billboard. It is indeed tells a lot how it would help even a name like Diljit Dosanjh, who has a hugely popular image in South Asia. Hence se his song comes out, there are many fans of him that would make tweets and it would help him even to beat a mega star Justin Bieber. It is the power of India as they have too many people using the platform and the industry it has created is famous around the world. Hence, it does help India singers to have that big of an impact. This billboard us twittershawbloomberg
does show how it does make the platform one. They can add many sub categories but the leading one would help songs in different languages competing against each other. It does tell how this move makes Billboard famous around the world as even in India, where there are many leisters of English music, not many do know what Billboard does as there is a difference of culture and things they do get to know and want to know.
Only Negative
Billboard and Twitter chart billboard weekly hot trending songs would be massive to make songs compete; however, it can create some problems too for showing the ethical nature as one can use the bots for generating more Tweets and coming first or second. Hence, Tweeter has billboard hot trending songs chart
to make an impact where they should look after the tweets and eliminate those who have done the bad practice and make them containable by reliving it to billboard hot trending songs
the fans so they can know what the leading stars do for fame.

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