BigChange Manges To Raise USD 102 Million

BigChange, which is a famous job management flatform, has managed to raise USD 102 Million for the expansion of their start-up. The aim of the company is the provide better tools to manage workforces and distribute things very well. They are known for developing fleet management software. Indeed, having this look does talk a lot about the company despite they are not being named as tech startups. It does show that how big players are looking at these B2B players with the at most respect. They have closed this round at £75 million, which is around $102 million in today’s market, does talk a lot about the UK-based brand which is famous to track where one can find the job and where one can get professionals for their company. Bigchange 102m Great Partnerslundentechcrunch.

With the help of tech advancements, they have created a set up that does help users to track the jobs and fill positions on time and in far better pace. It does help workers who did use a lot of phone calls, paperwork and lots of extra round trips for getting the job they do want to have. However, BigChange does make the job easier. Hence, they do see the latest funding as a way to move forward and create a quality impact at the very highest level. 102m Great Hill Partnerslundentechcrunch.

“I founded BigChange to revolutionise mobile workforce management and bring it into the 21st century. Our platform eliminates paperwork, dramatically cuts carbon, creates efficiency, promotes safer driving and means that engineers are spending less time on the roads or filling out forms and more time completing jobs,” said founder and CEO Martin Port.

He added: We are incredibly excited to partner with Great Hill and leverage their successful track-record scaling vertical and enterprise software companies both in the U.K. and overseas.”

BigChange has even made it clear that Great Hill stake does value the company around USD 100 Million. The company is working since 2012 and many reports do show that they do earn profits year after year, which is indeed a huge sign for many. Bigchange 102m Great Hill Partnerslundentechcrunch.

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For this mega funding, they did raise funding around $2 million or so. They did not use this funding for making an impact in the very best way and create a good outcome as they did stop the deal in between. It feels as if the plan they are taking are working very well and this funding can help them to turn global and make even a bigger and better impact.

The aim of the company is to follow the speed of technology and spread its arm around the world. This can make them a true powerhouse. They do transact around USD 5 Billion. It does show a lot about BigChange and the move they do want to take for creating an impact.

Port sees that they are in a right stage to reach where they do want to. This does tell a lot about the growth they do want to take for the creative touch.

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